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    The Silver Anvil is recruiting!

    Good day and welcome! Today we would like to give a few snippets of information about the silver anvil, its organization, its goals and future projects.

    What is the silver anvil again?

    The anvil is a free company for merchants, craftsman and gatherer on the server Gilgamesh. We want to represent Gilgamesh's prime company for all things crafting roleplay, to where you can turn when things need be done both in style and quality.

    So what is in for me then when I want to join or make business with the anvil?

    Members of the anvil enjoy all the comfort that comes from a company dedicated for crafting. When you run into a dead-end with your need for material, be it hard to gather or made from different crafters, there should always be someone around to help you out.

    Roleplaying a crafter is not always easy. Find company with others who want to do the same!

    Business partner of the anvil will find themselves not wanting, either. Not only are we set to deliver high quality to make our name a famous one, we like to think of our prices more than just fair. Dedicated roleplay from newbie to veteran and high quality production values all in one business partner, what more can you ask for.

    And what do I need to bring long when I want to join?

    Pretty much just yourself, a dedication to your craft and to roleplay. That is all we require from you.

    So how is the anvil structured?

    Again, fairly simpel.

    Newbies will begin as a bronze member for a trial period, that much should be simple to understand.

    After that, you become a silver member, and gain access to the mutually available guild storage, free to use and share with your fellow craftsman.

    Being awarded a gold member takes some dedication or great contribution to the guild. But it comes with its perks, as it allows you to apply for a specialized position within the anvil. Like signing up to become a broker and manage business or hook up craft order contracts.

    Generally, the anvils members are allowed to pursue their own craft and work, while the anvil acts as platform for distribution and advertising. During great projects though, each member is called upon to pool their efforts for this mutual goal.

    What do you plan for the future then?

    The anvil is currently in preparation to revive its old tradition of the Anvil Market, a regularly re-appearing event in which the anvil will set up shop publically to offer services like craft, repair, meld and of course the selling of high quality goods. Highlight of each market will be an auction of wares of exceptional rarity or value, look forward to it!

    In addition, the anvil, after forging an alliance with our shield and sword, the Echo Knights, will be available to take requests for otherwise specific RP events where participation of merchants or crafters is beneficial. Escort of overland goods transport comes to mind. Don't shy away from calling upon the anvil for such things when we have no announcements of our own.

    Sounds great! Where do I sign up or where can I reach you?

    The anvil can be either found here, or in game under the name Hiname Dawnpride. Though each of our members should be able to give you closer information should you require any more.

    We hope to see and hear from you soon!

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