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Discussion in 'Disciples of War' started by Ehayte, Sep 10, 2013.

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    Hi folks!

    Been playing MMOs for several years, first time maining as a tank (boxed plenty of them), and the FFXIV macro system is very new to me.

    So far I have macros that Mark the mobs quickly as 1, 2, 3, 4 as I cycle through them on my "pre-battle" bar (PS3), and I have another macro that marks a mob as "X", then puts a message in party chat to let others know to assist me on that target. Rarely do I use the # markings, unless there is something very specific that I want done, as I can just let everyone know what target they should be on with a big blue X above its head.

    It helps UNBELIEVABLY in shoring up DPS that doesn't want to be vigilant and coordinate on attacking the same target. Someone would have to be actively defiant to miss a giant X and a 2 line message in group chat that says the name of the mob and to ASSIST me : D. I will put the marcos as I have them currently at the bottom of this post.

    What I was wondering is: has anyone else set up macros, or structured their action ability bars in any very convenient way that helps you out a lot? I'd be willing to share my PS3 bar set ups if people are interested, and I'd love to see what others are doing before I get too ingrained in what I have found works best.

    Marking Macros (Simple)
    /mk attack1 <t>

    Just replace "attack1" with "attack2" or "attack3" for the # you want above their heads, then just target each mob you are going to fight in order to let the people in your group know what to do ahead of time : D

    ASSIST ME Macro
    /mk off <t>
    /action auto-attack <t>
    /wait 1
    /mk Cross <t>
    /party {{ASSIST me on <t> }} || Marked as "X" ||

    Line one removes any previous marks on the mob from numbering or other people marking. Line two turns my auto attack on for the mob (not completely necessary but it helps be remember to do it). Lline three tells the marco to wait for 1 second; which allows time for me to pop an aggro ability and get ahead of other people on enmity. Line four actually marks the target as "X". Line five sends a message to the group to let them know its ok to attack, and to go ahead and lay into the target marked X, and it gently reminds them NOT to attack other targets : D

    Remember, a great tank isn't defined by being automatic in routine situations, but by overcoming the overwhelming.
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    very good macros :) Have you found any macro command that can add modifiers? for example with normal hit will put the number 1 on target and using Shift modifier will put the chains 1. It would save me some action bar space :)
  3. Casamyr

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    I'd be interested to see how you have set up your PS3 bars. I've been tanking for a while now, but I haven't quite got my head around Macros. I understand my role will be to lead through dungeons so Marking is vital and these macros will help, but seeing how someone else has set up their bars will be a bigger help.

    Cheers mate
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  4. Brahma

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    Glorious. I wanna try my hand at tanking, but I want to make sure I understand how to mark enemies at least. I've been with both tanks that do and don't, and the ones that mark are so much more useful from a DD's standpoint. Seems simple enough!
  5. Ehayte

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    Hi guys, sorry for the delay. He's a breakdown of what my 2 bars look like, as far as I can remember (I'm not at my playstation right now!), I try to keep it down to 1 bar for combat, 1 bar for set up.

    BAR 1
    R2 X = Fast Blade Macro which fires off Fight or Flight if its off CD
    R2 O = Savage Blade
    R2 Tr = RoHalone
    R2 Sq = Riot Blade
    R2 Dn = Flash
    R2 Rt = Shield Swipe
    R2 Up = Cure
    R2 Lf = Rampart

    L2 X = Shield Bash
    L2 O = Provoke
    L2 Tr = Shield Lob
    L2 Sq = Assist Me Macro
    L2 Dn = Foresight
    L2 Rt = Bloodbath
    L2 Up = Sentinel
    L2 Lf = Convalescence

    BAR 2
    R2 X = Mark as 1
    R2 O = Mark as 2
    R2 Tr = Mark as 3
    R2 Sq = Mark as 4
    R2 Dn = Sprint
    R2 Rt = Shield Oath
    R2 Up = Sword Oath
    R2 Lf = Limit Break
    L2 X = Teleport
    L2 O = Return
    L2 Tr = uhhh...raise? protect? Something that isn't active I think
    L2 Sq = Same as L2 Triangle, I am current moving these around
    L2 Dn = Summon Choco
    L2 Rt = Free Stance (Choco)
    L2 Up = Ride Choco
    L2 Lf = Dismiss Choco

    So, I am toying with a new macro. Allow me to show and explain:

    /action cover <tt>
    /wait 3
    /action provoke <t>
    /action shield lob <t>

    This SHOULD (I just started formulating the idea today) Cover the target of my target (so, I target the loose mob, and cover will fire off on its victim), then wait 3 seconds to give my GCD time to recuperate from whatever I was doing. Following that pause, it should take aggro immediately back from that person, with Provoke putting me at the top of the list, and Shield Lob putting me over the top.

    I will try to sometime in the next few days and let you guys know : D
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  6. Justified

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    Out of curiosity, how do you switch between targets fast on a ps3? Is it as simple as shift tabbing or does it still have quiet a large number of errors? Had a tank who was playing on a ps3 today and he did pretty well but complained concerning the targeting.
  7. Casamyr

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    There are a few options on PS3. Left and right on the D-pad will switch between targets, up and down on the d-pad is party members, but also L1+ circle, square, triangle, cross can also help.

    I can be a little frustrating at times when it lights up a carby or an NPC, but you can filter those out.

    I just have to remember to let go the shoulder buttons first before I switch targets, otherwise nothing happens.
  8. GeekMatt

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    I'll have to look this thread over when I get home. Being an mmorpg noob, I really just got into using the 1, 2, 3, 4 markings and don't know much about macros outside of that!

    Other than that (speaking as a PS3 user) my recent changes to help me tank have been my HUD layout which is better than standard, but still in the works, and my custom targeting.
  9. Shroomie

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    hey thanks for the info.. i'm a starter tank so i dont really have a set up yet... but your macros and your bar setup will for sure help :D
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 25, 2013 ---

    any new updates on this set up :p and did this macro work?
  10. Ehayte

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    The macro works, but I made some serious overhauls to make it more flexible. I will post them in the near future when I get a free moment or two.

    PS - I am switching main classes to a WAR, but I will come back here and comment just the same.
  11. GeekMatt

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    So I'm trying to learn to do macros, and the one I wanted to try was a startup attack to initiate battle. Basically if it's a small weak enemy group I don't bother targeting, so I figured having a shield lob/mark macro would be useful. Here's what I did:

    /mk cross <t>
    /action shield lob <t>

    What I get out of this is a mark on a target and a message saying the second line there was used incorrectly. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. ilmaestro

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    You need " " around actions with more than one word (like "Shield Lob").
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  13. GeekMatt

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    Thanks! That does it :D
  14. GeekMatt

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    I've been playing with macros, my HUD, cross bar and other settings yesterday. Really liking the HUD though it's not perfect. I now have 2 cross bars, one for battle and another for general use in the world. As it is now, but general use contains 1 attack and it's a macro. Here it is:
    /action "fight or flight"
    /wait 1
    /action "rampart"
    Wait 1
    /action "shield lob" <t>
    /action mk cross <t>

    (I think that was the order) I found that the waits were necessary to make it functional. So how I use it is; I press this macro to get my fight or flight and rampart going before battle, then to get in my first shot and mark my target with an X, at which point due to my settings, my cross bar automatically switches to my battle cross bar, so I dont forget and end up trying to mount my Chocobo or use up all my TP on sprint by accident!

    This is meant for weaker enemy groups (with a half-decent or better party) that I won't bother marking clearly.

    I'll get my HUD pictures up eventually for the PS3 users.

    edit: the HUD pictures were posted in the "tanking and the PS3" users thread.
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