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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Amaranthia, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Amaranthia

    Amaranthia Crystal Brave

    So my character is level 16 and I have done all the quests I can (in Gridania) except Leia's legacy in Tam Tara Deepcroft. When I try to go in it says I must do Fire in the Gloom. But I can't find it. I have completed everything I have unlocked so far and not getting this fire in the gloom. Has anyone else had this issue? Am I too low level to get it?

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  2. You get the Fire in the Gloom quest after you do the It's Probably Pirates quest (Sastasha dungeon quest), which is received after you've completed the Leia's Legacy and airship/envoy quests following that. Leia's Legacy is not inside TTD, but is in the general area outside it, I believe.

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  3. Amaranthia

    Amaranthia Crystal Brave

    Hmmm I see. I suppose I will have to get online and see exactly where that dang quest is. I thought I had checked the area but I must have missed something. Thanks

    Edit: definitely missed it. I feel silly.

  4. Danforth Wright

    Danforth Wright Crystal Brave

    Don't feel silly. I can't pinpoint the exact reason yet, however many of my friends have been "running out" of quests. There are several points where players are not sure of what's next or if there is anything to do for the next step in the quest progression. Any insights are appreciated.

  5. Najla

    Najla Scion

    I had a part where I "Didn't have anymore quest" I searched zones near and far. Turns out It was the guy behind the door at the archers guild, so of course I wouldn't have any indicator on any map as his room is his own zone. I must have turned a quest in to him and quickly dashed out the room before accepting the next. So now I know to check my last completed quest givers or the NPC quest givers that have their own private areas/offices first if I can't figure out what the hell is wrong.

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  6. kfen

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    I had a couple moments of confusion in Gridania, but Limsa Lominsa really drives me nuts for the markers. I'm getting used to it now, but at first I didn't really know what the names of the regions were, and half the time had no idea what floor I was supposed to be on. For the lv. 5 MRD quest, I missed a ramp in the area, so I just kept running in circles knowing the X and Y coordinates for the NPC, but no freaking clue how to get to the right Z.

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  7. Hulvein Blitz

    Hulvein Blitz Crystal Brave

    Always do a run to Tranquill, Drybone, Quarrymill, Ala Mhigo.. if you ever feel like you may of run out of quests.

    I always find some in those places.

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  8. Selphina

    Selphina New Member

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's having trouble with this quest, I've always thought Leia's Legacy was in the Tam Tara Deepcroft. Been at this for almost a week now so I decided to use google to see if it can help me and then it bring me here. Phew, am I glad I found the right thread. Now, I can continue on with the story.

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  9. Madlibx

    Madlibx Adventurer

    I went a while of skipping reading story and quests and got stuck for a while. Mostly because I went through them on beta a bunch

    If you ever get super stuck just fate grind a bit and bump your level up and move on, then go back when you're less frustrated and find the missing story quests. And don't forget to keep up on guild heists. They're huge xp

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