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    FFXIV 4.0 releasing June 20th (June 16th for early access from pre-order)

    Figure people would like to see all confirmed news for Stormblood so far and as we go to June. Most of this is from Game Escape, interviews, Live Letters and Fanfeast. Sure I'll miss stuff so please add too.


    Full Trailer

    Players will be going to Ala Mhigo and Othard,
    50% of the story will be in each according to Yoshi.


    Two New DPS: Samurai and Red Mage!

    Job Characteristics:
    • Role: DPS (Melee)
    • Weapon: Katana
    • Base Class: None
    • Starting Level: 50 (Tentative)
    • Main Attribute: STR
    Samurai will be a close-range melee that specializes in putting out big massive damage. It is a pure, solo DPS job that learns traditional Far Eastern swordplay techniques from the land of Hingashi, such as Iai. The art of “Sen” and its three forces Setsu (Snow), Getsu (Moon), and Ka (Flower) will be changed together. The katana will store energy to be released in special attacks available once the gauge is full.

    Job Characteristics:
    • Starting Level: 50 (Tentative)
    • Role: DPS (Ranged, Magic)
    • Base Class: None
    • Weapon: Rapier + Magicked Crystal Medium (Tentative Name)
    • Main Attribute: INT

    The main hand and off-hand will be a single weapon, not discrete items.

    Red magic is a hybrid of white and black magicks, while the rapier will deliver melee attacks. Rapid positioning between ranged and melee will be accomplished by an action to alleviate the constant need for movement. In battle, red mage will use chainspell to build up magickal power, leading into a melee assault that is capped off by unleashing the stored energy in a single barrage.

    Job quests will begin in the Eorzean areas, so players who want to play Samurai and Red Mage before getting into the main scenario can do so. Only requirement is to have a level 50 character

    New Housing: Shirogane
    Is in Othard and will be released after 4.0 launch
    Moving System will be added with new housing

    Swimming and Diving Added

    Endgame Raid: The Bend of Time: Omega

    Team is planning on adding something for players to unlock if they beat the last tier of Savage.
    Yoshi said don't complain to him if is too hard lol

    New 24-Man

    New Primals
    Lakshmi, the Lady of Bliss and Lord of the Revel, Susano

    Collector's Edition Items

    Stormblood Theme - "Revolution" Preview
    Info Dump
    Not 100% sure on the Korean Live Letter but seem legit -shrugs-
    – Samurai will share gear with Monk
    – Item Space increase! \o/
    – Indoor housing slots are being doubled
    – The number of moves we have now will equal to the move we have come 4.0.
    • This will be through removing useless moves and changes to current moves
    • Example of this from the Korean Live Letter translations going around, are Lightning I,II, III just becoming Lightning and getting strong with leveling
    – Cross Class will have some changes
    • Example: Rampart and Shadowskin become one skill and it a tank CCs. Not sure how that changes or helps anything but guess while see
    – Changes to Parry, Accuracy, Blocking, PIE, etc., coming in 4.0. Details will be announced at a later time
    – Looking towards Job specific UI to go away from just looking at timers
    – They plan on making updates to the company crafting feature. It might include submarines, since the new feature will be underwater exploration.
    – New mounts for tanks will be implemented
    – No Grand Company in Kugane, but there will be a different kind of an “organization” there
    – Teleports from one continent to the other will be costly, but most likely won’t exceed 999gil
    – LB’s for the two new jobs will be most likely shown in the new benchmark. Samurai will most likely have Midare Setsugetsuka for its LB.
    – Gilgamesh might appear in the 4.x series.
    – They are making small cities like Idyllshire and Revenant’s Toll for players to gather at, but there will be something different about them this time
    – There will be some kind of focus on The Island of Val in the main story.
    – Oriental glamour gear planned for 4.0. Some Instance Dungeon and Raid gear might have an oriental design as well.
    – Shirogane will have apartments
    – The moving system will not apply for apartments
    – The new tomestones and the raids will be released a few weeks after the release of the expansion
    – Red Mage will share gear with casters and it’s main stat will be INT
    – Samurai’s “sen” system is a completely new rotation system. It’s more similar to Monk’s stances, completely different from Ninja’s mudras.

    Korean Live Letter Translations from Reddit/Tumblr
    • Enochian will become a permanent buff, meaning you will always be able to use Fire IV unless they change more aspects of the job. However there will be ways for high-skilled BLMs to further increase their DPS by using certain skills in certain ways. No further details are revealed.
    • Skills that debuff the enemy are not going away, but will be adjusted for sure. (Yoshi-P specifically mentions PLD’s Rage of Halone and MNK’s Dragon Kick.) More information on what they plan to do with these skills will be shown in a future Live Letter so please look forward to itTM.
    • Concerning raid compositions, he feels that after the AST buffs, any combination of healers is currently viable, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing changes in 4.0. For tanks, they plan to do something (no specifics) about WAR OT.
    • There are NO plans to remove the specialist system
    • There will be an Eternal Bonding update in 4.x.
    • In 4.0, the Adventurer in Need bonus for Roulettes will be increased to encourage players to play tanks/healers.
    • In 4.1 (tentative) we will be able to create cross-world 24 man parties.
    • There are no current plans to introduce a Duty Roulette: Alliance Raid. He says they are being run a lot because of Wondrous Tails.
    • Apparently it’s very difficult to increase the number of available chat tabs, but they are working on a large-scale improvement of the chat system with many more features, such as cross-server chat.
    • They are aware of requests for options to add things such as tattoos and body hair for your character, and that if they were to implement them, it would be more realistic system-wise to make them equippable items, rather than options at Character Creation.

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    Moving in May

    • Gear/weapon rack and/or manikins coming in 4.X for housing
    • Male bunny suit still in the works heh
    "Hyur and Roegadyn are done. The other races got put aside to work on Stormblood. I reviewed the Hyur, it was pretty sexy."
    • They are working on Krile glam for the Mogstation

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    Q: Are you planning on using the Deep Dungeon system in Stormblood?

    A: We do have plans to implement the content yes. I’m afraid I can’t tell you what type of content it is. As you traverse through the areas in Stormblood, you’ll notice where this system is going to be implemented so we encourage players to look around when they get a chance.

    Q: It was said that the last tier of the veteran reward system would be the final one. Are there plans for some kind of loyalty program in another form?

    A: Yes we do plan for one. Moving forward we want to make it so that we’re not rewarding people that have been continuously continuing (subscribing) with us for a long time, but something more in shorter spans. Say you signed up for three months in a row- and you get the rewards in that sort of spurt.

    (Full interview - GameEscape)

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    Q: Most players agree that the difficulty of the three different raid tiers of Alexander started with Gordias as the hardest and ending with Creator being the easiest. When discussing the matter, it seems players also agree it should have been reversed and the hardest raid should be the ending raid of the expansion. Was it intended to have the difficulty play out the way it did in Alexander and should we expect it to play out the same for the raid tiers in Stormblood?


    No, as you’ve pointed out, the difficulty level of raids should start with the beginning being the most casual, and become more difficult as the series progresses. The reason why it was not that case for Alexander is clear- after finishing development on the Bahamut series, there was feedback from all around the world saying “we want you to create a more difficult raid” which led to the creation of Alexander Gordias: Savage at an extremely high difficulty level.

    However, as you are no doubt aware, there was feedback from all over the world saying “it’s too hard,” which led us to lower the difficulty from there. It was truly a learning experience for us, so for the next raid content, Omega, we would like to make is so that you will gradually feel the challenge building as the patches progress and the raid content is implemented.

    Q: One of the biggest concerns with introducing both Red Mage and Samurai as DPS jobs is the imbalance of tanks and healers it will result in. It’s understood that some people will eventually go back to the roles they started with, but undoubtedly it will be somewhat of an issue, especially at the beginning of the expansion. Is anything being done to combat this for at least the first month or so of Stormblood?


    Based on the data from Heavensward’s release, we found that many players who play as a tank typically prioritize levelling their current main job. This is due to the fact that two weeks after release we normally introduce new Allagan tomestones and raids such as Omega, and they will want to beef up their main job in order to clear that content.

    In fact, it seems in many cases, these players will play the new jobs after their main job has reached the cap and they have some free time on their hands. People who will play the new DPS jobs from the get-go tend to be people who already play a DPS as their main job. Also, there are many ways to level up your character, such as the Deep Dungeon, and FATEs, in addition to match-making content like dungeons, so by utilizing those I don’t think there will be much of an issue. Currently, the most effective leveling content is the Palace of the Dead.

    (Full Interview - MogTalk)
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 12, 2017, Original Post Date: Mar 12, 2017 ---
    R: Before 2.0, you described this system where beast tribes would summon Primals in the open world and you’d be able to fight them outside instanced battles and Free Companies could go fight them. Has this idea been completely discarded or is it still in plans in some form?
    Y: It is planned as content, and it's still a thing. But it’s a matter of when it would be a perfect fit to have that content released. If the community becomes very tight-knit and sort of like closed almost, kind of like on auto-pilot. If and when that happens is when I feel it’s appropriate to release this kind of content; I'm envisioning a guild versus guild type of scenario. I feel that releasing the content is still way too early at this point, had it not been for so many players being on FF14 yes that’s still kind of the reason we’re needing to monitor the situation. At the time of 2.0 development, we didn’t expect so many people joining the community.

    R: There was no expansion of desynthesis content in Heavensward such as new demimateria, will the system be expanded in Stormblood?
    Y: We don’t have any intentions of changing it. The system itself will not change in Stormblood, perhaps the items you’re able to obtain through desynthesis may be changed.

    R: What has happened to the Free Company alliance system that was planned during the 2.x patch series, is that still being considered?
    Y: According to our list, it should be in 4.1 or there’s possibility it may slip to 4.2. We’re kind of on that threshold at the moment.

    R: After the release of Heavensward, there was a long break between 3.0 and 3.1. Will there be the same kind of break between 4.0 and 4.1?
    Y: I would love to give our dev team a break, but for 4.1 because we’ve been planning for it ahead of time and making sure our plans are aligned we are going to attempt releasing the patch in accordance to our typical patch release schedule. Once our team sees the article that’s written up that mentions this, they’ll get a little weary (room laughs).

    (Full Interview - by FFXIV Reddit)

    These interviews are all from PAX East btw

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    DualShockers Stormblood Interview
    (Full Interview) Thanks Stormy o/


    DualShockers: At the latest fanfest, you mentioned that Paladins are going to receive some love. Could you provide some details on what this will entail?

    Naoki Yoshida: There have been a lot of comments on the fact that Paladins’ magic defense is not very strong. That’s definitely one of the big elements that we’ll be modifying.
    We always aimed for Paladin to be one of the most streamlined tank jobs to control, so we want ton make changes so that they will have a strong defense against both physical and magical attacks.

    DS: The expansion is supposed to revolve about the liberation of Doma and Ala Mhigo. We saw Kugane, and it’s gorgeous, but we actually did not see Ala Mhigo yet. Will we be able to visit the city as a location in the game?

    NY: Yes, players will be able to enter the Ala Mhigo region. The reason why we weren’t able to reveal the landscapes of the Ala Mhigo area is that unfortunately we didn’t yet have the assets to show at the Las Vegas Fanfest at the required level of quality.
    Also, there are some buildings that are prominent in the main scenario. They’re key locations, and it was very difficult to shoot around them to avoid them.
    Before the release of Stormblood, we expect to create a field walkthrough trailer, as we did for the previous expansion, so you will be able to get a glimpse on how beautiful the landscape is.

    DS: There has been a lot of speculation about the name of the new raid “Return to Ivalice.” Is the name just homage to Yasumi Matsuno who will design the raid, or there is more to it?

    NY: It’s definitely not an homage. It also depends on how the players will interpret it when they’ll actually enter the raid. In terms of the world of Ivalice, and whether or not it is connected to the realm of Final Fantasy XIV, it’s still a mystery, and that’s something that you will have to enjoy while playing the scenario.

    DS: Do you have any final message about the expansion?

    NY: At Fanfest in Frankfurt we were able to communicate the largest key points of expansion, but there is a lot of information that hasn’t been shared yet, including the battle updates, the new actions that the current jobs will learn, changes to PvP, system changes… There are many details that are yet to be revealed. We’re going to plan a media tour and Letter from the Producer Live broadcasts to share that information with our players.

    For now enjoy patch 3.5 Part 2, find out who that lady in red is, and then we’ll shift towards 4.0.


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