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    We are a Blm, Rdm, Brd, and Sch group from the Primal looking too fill out ranks with others who share a common goal in wanting to complete the current content and in general wanting more than average content and the day to day grind. We are currently searching for: two tanks, a healer, and a Physical dps; preferably a Nin or a Drg but I'm not looking for optimal raid comp.
    We're not aiming to be day one clearer's nor are we stating we are the best at the jobs we play, we simply enjoy what we do. Saying all this, if you want to top the charts in Fflogs or are looking for a full time static to push the limits this may not be for you, but if you give us a chance I promise you won't regret it!

    -You can reach me the Blm in game by the name of Aria Ryllae or my Sch by the name of Brian Matthew.

: Static, Ultros

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