Looking For Static PLD/DRK/WAR Tue/Wed/Fri 930-12EST V4 Prog

Discussion in 'Gilgamesh' started by Skylar Paige, Nov 14, 2017.

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    Static looking for a PLD/DRK/WAR - our group is on GCO (Most of the time) :) We are looking for a new main tank to join us each week to have fun and work on Neo! It's a plus if you have 1-3 and Exdeath on farm but we are willing to give you a chance if you're a quick learner! our times are Tue/Wed/Fri 930pm-12pm EST Please contact Tarren Paige#5429 or
    Skylar Paige #8832 in Discord or Tarren Paige in game on Gilgamesh.

: 8832

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