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    SGGaming will be running a guild or Free company in FF14 A realm reborn on Server (World) Ridill whereby the data center is located at Jap whereby Asian players are getting better ping compare to US.

    Reason Ridill was chosen because from the past few days or weeks of monitoring of legacy server population both Aegis and Masamune had being close for transfer meaning if u don't belong to those 2 server by default or u haven't transfer there before they close then you can't join both servers,

    Last 2 days 8/7/13 till now 10/7/13 both Durandal and Gungnir being upgrade from 2 stars server capacity to 3 stars and are in danger of closing as well.

    Last check on 10/7/13 1315 hours GMT +8

    Japan Ridill ★
    Japan Masamune ×
    Japan Durandal ★★★
    Japan Aegis ×
    Japan Gungnir ★★★

    ★ Relatively Uncrowded ★★ Relatively Crowded ★★★ Crowded × World transfer applications not being accepted.

    Currently the legacy server population only take into consideration 1.0 account holders who were sent the email for world transfer application not yet including new players who gonna join the game post launch.

    Q: So question why choose legacy server instead of new servers like some other guilds?
    A: New server are meant for new players or newly created characters. No characters will be transfer over from 1.0 thus everyone start from even playing field. 1.0 account players don't want to lose their progression. And also some new players will like to play in a more establish server. Here's a link to some pro and cons of new and legacy servers

    As from what i see.. we already have guilds that cater to the Legacy players only whereby they chosen Masamune or Aegis thus new characters can't join till SE decide to open the server again.

    We also have guilds that cater mainly to the new characters or those legacy who don't mind a restart by rolling on a "New" server whereby everyone start from beginning.

    What i find lacking is a Guild that cater to both legacy and new players on the same server without worrying about server full restriction.

    SGGaming will be such a guild to cater to such a pool of legacy players who want to play together with new players and new players who want to be in a legacy server. Unless there's drastic change such as SE announcement of more server slots for those full servers or open up more new legacy servers we will be rolling on server Ridill.

    Currently we are open for recruiting for FF14 players both old and new on Jap (legacy) server Ridill.

    Guild: SGGaming (Figmation)
    TimeZone: GMT+8
    Server (World): Ridill (Jap Legacy)
    Facebook group:
    Guild designated Voice chat needed for raiding or end game content currently we using Raidcall channel: SGGaming

    Post your application here

    We will start inviting the applicants as early as Phase 4 open beta. As we try to cater to both casual and hardcore thus we won't have strict application criteria but to make it into the hardcore raiding the players got to earn their spot.

    As FF14 loot system in instances and raiding is still using the traditional Need or Greed rolls and with each players able to play multiple classes we will be most probably using a form of DKP system for loots distribution.

    In the mean time while waiting on open beta. Interested players can join us in Marvel heroes online a free to play diablo style game as some our players from Marvel will be playing in ff14 as well together with some of our old comrades from ff14 1.0 SGeans.

    We expecting around 30 members old and new at launch.

    Post your application HERE to join us in our adventure into A Realm Reborn where The End is just The Beginning.

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    join us for a community that cater to both hardcore and casual players

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