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Discussion in 'Balmung' started by Althyk, Apr 18, 2017.

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    Hey guys! Althyk here. Let me introduce you to us!!

    Our FC is based on survivors of the war in Doma who took refuge in the Mist. Our intentions are to gather our numbers until we can return to Doma (when stormblood arrives! Hype Hype!!)

    If you enjoy role-playing, and like to do game content this is the FC for you.
    Sons of war is an all-rounder FC, from RP to end game content.

    We have some events which are..
    Sunday [ST:11.30pm] Sunday Smackdown
    All week weakly
    Wednesday POTD runs
    We hold gambling amongst players with in-game dice roll

    More events to follow and are open to new ideas.

    Want to be part of a movement? Send us a request!

    Oh..and FC house is ward 8 plot 11. Looking forward to seeing you!!

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    We have an FC section of the Realm where you can create a page specifically for FCs. Even you haven't done so yet I would recommend creating your FC there.

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