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Discussion in 'Gilgamesh' started by ChaoticCrisis, May 3, 2017.

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    Hi, I currently belong to an FC, However I am willing to help found a new FC here on Gilgamesh with a successful partner :)
    I only ask we have an alliance with my current FC as they are. PVP oriented and fun to be around and to be the Founder as I am a fan of RP and it would be fun.
    I am a fairly new player who has finished end game content main Ast. W/ iLvl 256
    I play about everyday and always looking for a way to help and stay entertained, Which is why I would love to keep an FC Fresh and Alive.
    Overall It would be a dream come true and looking forward to have a team full of end game players as well as helping new faces :D
    A lot to ask for but there isn't any hurting in asking. This is my first MMO that I Love apart from Runescape which I no longer play.
    If you are willing to strive for the dream just send me a message and we can exchange info I'm looking forward to being your partner!

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