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Discussion in 'Disciples of Magic' started by ZenBear, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. ZenBear

    ZenBear Adventurer

    Please add a mark to whatever target you hit with Sleep. Preferably the big blue X or something similar, not a number. It will greatly help the rest of the party to avoid waking it up.

    Just a suggestion. Thanks! :D

  2. VersatileMojo27

    VersatileMojo27 Adventurer

    Or just sleep an add not marked by the tank. As SCH, i tri-disaster (bind) the "1" marked so as to affect the others; we can focus on "1" and move to "2" probably before the 30 second bind subsides.


    On the garuda fight, i'd tri disaster after i saw prompt for the feathers falling. once the feathers fall, they bind and i can focus on one at a time while the other DPS focuses on another.

    But i digress. the point is, use your debuffs effectively :)

  3. Nichigo

    Nichigo Content Moderator

    If you're with a good tank and a sensible party, you won't have to mark. Good tanks will mark all targets in order, and party members will follow that order (so any other markings will be extraneous).

    If you have a tank that's not marking, you have a bigger problem that may or may not be alleviated by your sleep marks.

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