Paladin Shield stats and Shield Swipe

Discussion in 'Disciples of War' started by Snack, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. Snack

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    Hey guys, I'm looking to get some input on how tanks are feeling about Block strength vs Block rate on our shields. I've heard some say go for max Block strength to max mitigation per block, but others say Block rate for blocking more often and more opportunities to Shield Swipe.

    On the subject of Shield Swipe, how effective do you guys think this skill is when tanking in dungeons? I've noticed a lot of well-geared tanks who stream are hardly using this skill in favor of spamming the standard combo rotation.

    Interested to hear everyone's thoughts.

  2. Rikh

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    Well from my own experience(currently working on Turn 4 in Coil), Block STR is definitely the way to go. I basically block 25-26% dmg of attacks with my current +1 relic shield, which is a lot of damage that gets mitigated. Also by having a lot of block STR(instead of block rate) you basically make your "Bulwark" ability a hell of a lot stronger than it would be with a ton of block rating instead. Before I got my relic shield, I had the shitty 44 shield from GC that had a lot of block rating but barely any block STR, and it made that ability feel completely useless.

    Either way, you go for what you personally feel is stronger but I'd definitely say block STR is the better way to go, to not only get you to actually block a nice amount of damage, but also improve your Bulwark alot.

    For Shield Swipe, I use it when I have good threat established already and I might get TP starved(happens a lot on longer fights). Shield Swipe does a lot of damage and threat based on the TP it costs. It only costs 40 TP so if you feel like you want to preserve TP and you already have a lot of threat, start using that whenever you can.

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  3. Snack

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    Thanks Rikh, that makes a lot of sense. I hadn't considered the effects of Bulwark.

    Thoughts on Shield Swipe? and how often it should be used in your rotation (if at all) regarding trash pulls or bosses?

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