Server Time Zones: Where to go if playing in Japan

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by S S, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Good day to all!

    As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am in the military and playing out of Japan.

    Seeing how I am making the switch from WoW to FF:: ARR, I wanted to inquire if there were any worlds that have server times closer to Oceanic/Japan.

    Playing on US servers when the time diff is 14 hours or so...hurts :)

  2. xusha

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    A nice site that'll show which servers are in which region.
    On top of that, they show ms. Though don't go with what they mention, if you want to see which server will have the best ms you should get the arr status app. That'll give you the ms from your location, instead of their location.
  3. YinYang

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    Hi there,

    From what I know so far, Tonberry (Japanese server) will have a strong English community on it (Australians and New Zealanders) as well as Japanese players and other players from mostly Asian countries. Also, Behemoth (North American server) will have an Oceanic community as well. These two servers seem to be leading as far as Oceanic preferences go. I myself, being from Sydney, am torn between the two >.<

    Good luck finding the perfect server!
  4. nz_chic

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    Yup I want behemoth. ..its currently full atm..
  5. Falchetto

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    I was on Tonberry in beta 3 (by mistake): there are a lot of english speaking players from Australia, New Zeland etc... its a nice place to play.
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  6. S S

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    I gave Tonberry a go and there are many AUS/NZ players indeed. Even joined the Oceanic Tonberry Link Shell. Hope to see some more people there ;)

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