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Selling rare mining supplies cheap!

Discussion in 'Faerie' started by Shikizu, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Shikizu

    Shikizu Adventurer

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    Heya fellow faerie community!
    - Since I've been 50 in Mining for quite a couple days, I've got a huge bunch of crafting materials I dont actually need. I'm intrested in selling them, if anyone needs any =) I'd use the auction house, but people keep undercutting each other, so its kinda useless as of right now :shifty:

    Things I currently have a huge stock of are:
    - Darksteel Ore
    - Gold Ore
    - Gold Sand
    - Astral Rock

    If anyone is intrested in either, ill sell them cheap, im sure we can agree on a price ingame =)

    Can either contact me on here (by posting here or PM'in me) or ingame. Nick's Shikizu Kirishiki

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