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    Do you love roleplaying, but have trouble finding the right partner - or any partner at all? Are you sick of putting ads on inactive websites and never receiving any response? Well today is your lucky day!

    Roleplay Meets Reborn (RMR) is an active, friendly, roleplay search community, with the primary goal of helping roleplayers find new partners. We as well provide helpful resources for everyday roleplaying needs. RMR has a lot of diversity; we accept all people over the age of 18, no younger. We offer an inviting atmosphere where you can join insightful discussions about roleplaying, and chat about other topics.

    For those searching for things many would deem “too kinky” for general audiences, we now offer the RMR After Dark rooms to satiate your carnal needs—where the only shame you’ll feel is that you didn't find us sooner! (Just be sure to read the rules!)

    RMR also provides partnerships with other roleplaying servers. We support all platforms and offer our partnership program to other communities in order to connect more roleplayers together and help them find what they’re looking for.


    ● Must be 18 to enter!

    ● Post your ad or read others’
    ● RMR After Dark
    ● Repository of roleplay resources
    ● Partnership program with Discord servers and other communities
    ● Get down and dirty

    Join us, invite your friends, and make some new ones!

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