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    Who are we:
    Is a raiding guild that wishes to push for server first end-game content. We are currently working towards server first Turn 5. We have been playing together since Beta Phase 3. All members have multiple end game MMO experience.

    Class Recruitment:

    We are an actively recruiting guild. All exceptional applicants will be considered.

    When we raid:
    Currently we have one group in Binding Coil of Bahamut that runs
    Sun/Mon/Tues 8pm - 11 pm EST

    This could possibly be extended to 12am EST if we are pushing a kill or just because...it all depends on attitude at this point. We are also looking to add a 4th raid day into the mix, Friday or Saturday possibly earlier to get in a Crystal Tower day along with Progression and Clearing days for all current content.

    What we expect:
    We expect you to come with the same attitude and skill level of any other player we progress with. This includes:

    -18 years or older
    -Able to take criticism
    -Able to give constructive criticism
    -Research your class and know it well (Theory Craft). Be able to defend why you do what you do
    -Learn and adapt quickly (We will be adjusting strats to suit us and therefore need to change)
    -Be available 95% of the time for raid, we understand you have a life but please inform us if you have plans
    -Coming prepared (Potions, High level food, Researching fights, Learning strats and abilities)
    -Sense of Humor

    Aside from the attitude and effort you put into raid we are also looking for people who are ready to raid. We would like people in full DL gear with experience in BCoB either with a pug, FC, friends, etc.

    Closing note:
    If by this point you are interested drop an application at:

    We understand the application is lack-luster at this moment and will be using the app to give a vent interview. This gives the officers and yourself a chance to interview one another.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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