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  1. Matthias

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    Are people not going to be allowed to make a character on a server they choose based on any type of restrictions? I have my heart set on Excalibur server (I love the name), if not, the Exodus server.

    If they do put temporary restrictions, the least they could do is offer free character transfers once things are more "settled in".

  2. Hulvein Blitz

    Hulvein Blitz Crystal Brave

    It's possible depending on server stress, and how things go come EA/launch. However, I would assume they'd be lifted once everything has been resolved.

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  3. Karamethien

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    Aside from legacy vs non-legacy and sever population cap, I don't think there are any limitations.

    IIRC They said that Legacy players can have 8 character per server with no max cap for total characters. other subscription plans have different cap.

  4. Cynessae

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    The main reason they're capping servers (especially non-legacy servers) is because everyone is creating a new character and the lower level areas are packed. Get too many people in one place and individual machines (which make up each world) start crashing and it's possible the whole world could go down.

    So, in the first few days or week, the population will spread out - some will level up quickly and be in higher level areas primarily, others will be slower and so on. Thus they can then let more people onto the server since the population is more spread out and aren't all congregated in one area.

    Of course, it is possible that some servers are literally hitting the character cap, but the reason servers close quickly isn't necessarily because of that, but because of too many characters in the same area at the same time.

  5. Bomi Kwon

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    The best thing you can do, is be waiting at your computer right when servers go live and try to get that server. The longer you wait, the lower chances are of getting the server you want.

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  6. Matthias

    Matthias Adventurer

    Okay, thank you all. *crosses fingers*

    Happy Early Access Day, by the way :)

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