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    Greetings fellow Realm lurkers. As you can see my name is [insert gibberish]. Call me Justin, JMat (was that it, @Fybrile?) or whatever you’d like.

    I’m a moderator, Final Fantasy fan (not -natic) and all around unusual guy.

    I’ve been a member here since, gosh, I don’t even know when. A long time? I’ve been here long enough to pretty much write a history thesis on this place. It was a large part of my last ten years. Well, maybe not that much, but enough to have made a heavy impression .

    Long story short; just figured I’d say hi, to any of the lurkers out there. Keep drifting and enjoying the game (if you still play). And to newbies; give the game a shot. It’s not for everyone, but you can really make some great memories with the awesome community; it’s there!


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