Realm Recap @ Jul 1st 2018

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    Sometimes I get that urge to be nosey and find out what the great members of our community at The Realm have been up to.

    So what have you been up to, gaming or non-gaming related? Are you enjoying the summer or is it just too hot?

    I've been working on getting all my classes in FFXIV to level 70 and making decent headway. I finished Persona 5, Nier Automata and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Persona 5 was absolutely amazing and so far my favourite game this year. I ended up buying a bunch of games and with it, my backlog has increased again. I am just going through Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, but that is just something to watch so shouldn't take long. After that, I've got Yakuza 0, .Hack//GU, South Park: The Fractured But Whole & Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to get through. That's not including that I plan to buy and play God of War, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Final Fantasy IX and Detroit: Become Human. Too many games and too little time to actually play them.

    My wife is pregnant with our second child, which is due in December. So knowing my track record, by the time I get round to the next Realm Recap, they will be born.

    I've been continuing my D&D sessions. The players still haven't finished my campaign but they are getting really close now. Some of us wanted some extra D&D and decided to go through the pre-made story of Curse of Strahd, which is also being recorded on put on YouTube for any who are interested. I am really enjoying it for many reasons, but one is that I'm not the DM so I actually get to play.

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    In game I'm still leading Final Dawn alongside Hellina Handbasket, with our newest addition, Bresha, who's been going above and beyond (because let's face it, me and Hellina are old and tired). I've been raiding Sigma Savage as an AST, and am just recently starting to make progress in O7s with my static, lead by my fiancée, @PrincessNewb

    Irl I've had some ups and downs. My company went bankrupt and terminated the jobs of ~83 people, and didn't even pay us for the last 2 weeks we worked. But I got back out there pretty quickly, had a couple good job offers, and 3 weeks after the bankruptcy I ended up making more in the same industry with 1/10th the responsibility--so there was a rough patch, but it ended up being for the better.

    Congrats on all teh babies, @Jinzuku

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    Gratz on the baby and new job, Jinzuku and GeekMatt respectively!~


    I've started a full restart to the game. Got past all of the starting city storylines, and starting to make headway on the MSQ. Hope to get to 50 by the end of the week.

    God, I loved Persona 5. After this game and Fallout 4 which I just hit 1000 hours in, Persona 5 was probably the game I played the most in the past 2 years. I've done 3 playthroughs to get the platinum trophy. I kind of miss the setting, music and characters still. Will probably play through at least one more time, even though I've already literally done everything, before the next one is released.

    IRL, I bought a house in Canada, and am trying to find my way back home. It's hard to make the jump from what's a well-playing and stable career here to the absolutely s**t-show that's employment in Canada, but after a decade, it's time. Hope to make the jump by the end of 2020.

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