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    I just started my free trail on ffxiv and I just was confused on some things, firstly I've seen a lot of stuff about classes on the forum about which is good or bad I picked bard because it was said to be strong and has buffs. are they good for raids? Or what would be the best choice for raids (dps or healer) if healer is helpful on this game in raids
    Thanks, this game is alittle confusing at first lol

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    Every raid has 1-2 tanks, 1-2 healers and any comb combination of DPS. You'll be able to get into a group no matter what class you are. SE has always adjusted jobs regularly in patches to ensure none are being left out.

    Bard is a good first job for you to try out, and almost every group wants at least 1 bard or 1 machinest. Keep in mind each job has it's own stats, so you can, say, main a BRD and still play PLD or WHM as well as someone that mains that. The only difference is your ability to gear them at endgame, where the very top gear has weekly lockouts

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    BRD is very useful in endgame raiding content but it can be a bit tricky to play as it's not rotational base and heavily relies on a proc-based system to maximize your DPS. If you're just starting the game, my advice would be not to even worry about what the possible "meta" is or what's the best choice for something. Technically it's all subjective and if you're good at the job you pick, then you'll at least be able to find a midcore static anywhere. I main RDM which is only useful for progression and currently sits as the lowest damage DPS. However, since I put a lot of work into uptime and enjoy my job a lot- within my raid group- I'm actually top DPS.

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