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    A bit backstory:
    Back when PotD released, I was quite recently finished solo-climbing Nyzul Isle in FF11 and was planning for my 2nd one which I understand, was requirement to unlock mythic weapons. But at that time, I was quite exhausted and pending this for another time. Thus having PotD arrival kinda not really on right timing on my behalf. Plus I did try like 1st 10 - 20 floors and it felt bland. And thus, I never got any interest touching this content... up until the recent Heaven-on-High released. I guess the 2nd DD did re-invigorate me to finally try PotD again. To my surprise, it didn't take long for me to finish all 1st 50 floors & HoH to 30th floor in 1 day. As of this writing, I've just finished cleared floor 100 for 2nd time using matching parties.

    And so... here comes some question in mind:
    - Those padjali & kinna weapons, aside from achievement/glamours, does it still have purposes to get? Like maybe making me much stronger in PotD? Or the aetherpool level are more than enough regardless what gears I use outside PotD?
    - What is the cap aetherpool I can get on each floor series? Or just to summarize, what's the max I could get at floor 100?
    - Same with PotD, what's max aetherpool I can obtain up to floor 30 for HoH?
    - During twice my climb to floor 100, I've noticed players only bothered to get to next floor ASAP. There's already few occasions where my aetherpool didn't grow at all during several series of 10 floor ventures. Is this normal? or there's some reason players just want to rush finishing floors instead of trying to upgrade their aetherpools?
    - Just wondering if there's any worth I could get from accursed hoard up to floor 100? Because I was thinking to just skip them in my runs instead of trying to find, and probably would endanger my party with wipes.

    I guess that's it for now. Probably would come up for more question. For now, I could only do matching parties, thus limiting me to actually progress beyond said floors due to fixed party requirements. Also, my prime time are usually around EU prime, I was coming from Sargatanas after all and I do hard content around that time back then. Thus, coming to JP server, Masamune, severely limiting me to do most of what I usually does, due to most south-east asia players already sleeping. Hence my questions are mostly for matched settings.

    Anyhoo... that aside, please let me know. Thx. :)

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