PSA: ToS 3.3 is srs bsns, profanity = account suicide

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    I will just preface this by stating the fact that I have had my Square Enix account since FFXI released in NA, so half of my life. It was originally a Play Online account. 10 years ago I was banned twice for serious harassment. I was young and stupid, that was a long time ago. I reformed my ways when they told me I had no more chances left. I haven't had any infractions since then. (yes it carries over)

    I've been back for just one week after a year's hiatus in FFXIV. 7 days into my return to XIV, I have been banned from the game. My ban started around 1 AM PST Saturday morning when they issued the notice, and it lasts for 24 hours after the midnight of the day it was issued. So it's basically a 2 day ban.

    The reason I was given for the ban was for breaking 3.3 in the ToS. ((Profanity and Offensive Language. You may not use profanity or any language that a reasonable person would find offensive. The Game is for a user aged 13 and older. You agree to behave accordingly.))

    That's interesting. I NEVER use prejudice slurs. I NEVER talk about sexual acts. I NEVER threaten anyone. I rarely even swear. When I do swear, it is restricted to 'f--k' 's--t' and 'b---h', and it is used very sparingly. I have been using this vocabulary since I was a "reasonable" 13 year-old, and I didn't find it "offensive" then, and I don't find it offensive now.

    Square also mentioned that FFXIV players are of all ages, and hail from all walks of life. Basically they are trying to foster an environment where people can relax. I am sympathetic to that, I really am, it's part of the charm of the game. With that said, the NPCs break the TOS all the time. I never used any language that you can't find synonyms of in this very game. Am I supposed to sanitize my language and walk around on eggshells because some barely literate 13 year old who skipped through the lewd chat bubbles is offended that a grown-up used grown-up words?

    When people grief me in duty finder. Belittle me, swear at me, afk, kick me illegitimately, I just shrug it off. In the end it's just a game and these miserable and volatile people will probably never come across my path again. This is also what goes through my head when I want to be toxic, I realize there's no point, it's a waste of energy, and I usually just take a deep breath focus on finishing what I'm doing asap. Two of the benefits of age is humility and patience.Things that "reasonable 13 year olds" rarely exhibit. This is why in all honesty I was surprised to be banned, I just thank my stars it wasn't permanent.

    In my week back, the only instance where there was a problem, was my first time (which I announced to the party) doing PoTD 91-100. I used the angel pomander to save the party, and the team freaked out. Even the "mentor" on my team was giving me a hard time. They kept calling me names, trying to get under my skin, attacking me, even after that I apologized and suggested maybe we will find more. Then, when they wouldn't stop, I said something along the lines of "stop taking yourself so f--king seriously, kys". They subsequently afk'd then booted me, but I guess they were coordinating reporting me in their FC chat before booting me. In retrospect I did not handle myself perfectly in that situation, but I did nothing "unreasonable" that would warrant suspending my account, in my opinion, given the situation.

    So in conclusion.

    -Square Enix seems to think that some people playing FFXIV will stop playing entirely, or in the worst case kill themselves if they are triggered by too many episodes of verbal hedonism and/or violence.
    -Square Enix HAS AND WILL ban you for literally anything anyone finds offensive. "You're a dick" "Stop being an ass" "You're not a good tank, you need practice" "Get the f**k over yourself"... even "I f*cking hate this boss". There are countless testimonies.
    -People will bait you with passive aggressive man-child comments and actions, some are experts at getting a rise out of people, and enjoy nothing more than having a reason to get someone banned. Let's be real, this is probably where the majority of the reports come from. I find it hard to believe that there is that many "reasonable" 13 year olds playing this game.
    -It is a complete waste of time and energy to try to reason with Square, they will give you nothing but canned answers and insult your intelligence.

    A word of wisdom: Avoid talking to people outside your free company at all costs. Keep all communications at a minimum. Don't use non-office language outside of your free company, literally anything can be offensive to someone who is pissed off at you.

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    Unfortunately SE isn't moderated conscientiously, instead they have a base outline they follow. In your case I guess it was "3 strikes you're out" even though a 10 year period from a youth to an adult is long enough to redefine anyone.

    If you were to make a case about it to them I'd first figure out exactly what rule you broke, and if it was a three strikes rule, focus on the fact that you're a different person from the first two strikes. Mention the harassment you underwent before getting the third, but don't make that your argument because as long as it's a rule break on paper, to them it's a strike. Instead, use the harassment it took to draw you out as evidence that you're someone different from the first 2 strikes.

    Best of luck

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    Mmm it's just a 24 hour ban. Nothing to be worried about for me apparently, for now. Apparently profanity is a separate charge from griefing. Next time though I doubt I'll be so lucky though. But to returning players it might be a wake up call, hope I can save a few from a ban.

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