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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lavada, Jun 3, 2013.

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  1. Lavada

    Lavada Crystal Brave

    Does anyone know where I can find my FFXIV pre-order code?

    I pre-ordered it for both PC and PS3 and this link says to keep the code safe until further instruction but I don't even know where it is to begin with.

    Can anyone help me out?

  2. lunar_seraphim

    lunar_seraphim Adventurer

    I believe they will be giving out the codes closer to release date. I know the wording is a bit funny, I had the same concerns when I pre-ordered mine because of that exact line. Though I think it depends where you ordered from because people have stated they received a code when they pre-ordered it physically at a retailer. Whether that's true, I'm not sure.

    It's worth mentioning I purchased mine at the Square Enix store, so this may or may not apply to you. If you did purchase at the Square Enix store, just enter your email and then you should receive an email with the code closer to the release date.

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  3. Krystal

    Krystal Adventurer

    I'm not sure if amazon cancels the preorder code from their system, but i ordered 2x a realm reborn pc version for $30 with 2 different accounts. After you place the order, a few minutes later they send you the pre order "Early Access" code, I then go to my orders and cancelled the orders. I'm not sure if the codes stay valid, but its worth a shot!

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  4. Lavada

    Lavada Crystal Brave

    Thanks :)

    I did order mine both from SE as well. Hopefully, you're right because trying to get a hold of anyone at SE is next to impossible. It's almost like they don't want to be bothered by anyone's questions or concerns. I couldn't find their customer service number anywhere on their website so I had to Google it. I couldn't even find their customer service email.
    I guess I'll wait and see what happens when it gets closer to release. Only 11... more... weeks... :arghh::balling::nailbiting:

  5. Colt47

    Colt47 Crystal Brave


    Depending on how they are handling early access codes this could turn into a real mess if people end up trying your strategy. They probably have a limited number of codes, so if people preorder and then cancel, multiple people may end up with the same set of codes. This is making me feel a lot less secure in my purchase from

    Edit: Normally this kind of situation wouldn't matter because people have to have the game in order to redeem the pre-order bonus code. However, in this case there are folks like us who have a valid copy of the game thanks to owning 1.0, so even if we cancelled the preorder, we still have an account with an eligible copy of the game.

    My advice to everyone on the forum who decided to do a preorder is watch your email like a hawk for when they let you redeem it, especially if you got the code early.

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  6. Najla

    Najla Scion

    My husband saw this as well with ordering. We originally ordered 2 digital collectors editions, but have been thinking about purchasing a physical collectors edition and cancelling one digital edition from Amazon, but they already sent us the code. We were wondering what would happen with it.

  7. phantomhive88

    phantomhive88 Adventurer

    i preordered from amazon cancelled and reordered and never got a new code still have the old one though wondering if it is still good

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