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    Tonberry Pie is a Rank 8 FC that is looking for Members Recruiting for new, veteran, social players. We are a friendly & casual fc where all members can relax within our halls. Dedicated to helping each other & fun. We have a medium house in the Mist, ward 9 plot 1, we currently have 3 Airships but are working hard to get 4 unlocked as fast as possible, Crafting workstations, 24h buffs, Voice chat, events, established players who know how to play and teach who are very social, active and welcoming. All play styles are welcome. Apply or contact us in game We have Pie!

    A lot of our members use the discord voice chat to interact so fc chat can appear quiet at time but are others being active in discord.

    feel free to contact one of our recruitment officers for more info: Kisara Aozora, Ellifein Feyrein, Bumith Siecle, Puzu Puzzle

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