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    With patch 4.2 swiftly approaching, we offer a sneak peek at the newest set of beast tribe quests.

    Ananta Beast Tribe Quests
    The Vira, one of the tribes of the snake-like Ananta, have long supported the efforts of the Resistance by sending warriors to bolster their ranks. One such battlemaid is Alpa, the broodmother's daughter, who makes up for her lack of prowess in combat with her courage and ingenuity. She dreams of making a grand contribution to the Resistance, but many bizarre and perilous trials must be overcome before her plans can come to fruition.


    The Feast


    Patch 4.2 brings several updates to the Feast including the new map “Crystal Tower Training Grounds,” adjustments to battle length, and the new Light Medal effect. The new PvP team feature will also be added to encourage stronger bonds between participants.

    New Map: Crystal Tower Training Grounds
    The Crystal Tower, remnant of an ancient empire, rings with the sound of battle held between factions of the Eorzean Alliance. Enter the fray and relive the glories of the distant past.

    Updates to Rules

    Battles have been made shorter and more dynamic, and feature the new Light Medal effect that reduces damage taken by a participant as their number of medals held decreases. Adjustments have also been made to the UI, making it easier to see the number of medals held and status effects.

    PvP Teams
    Create a team of between four and six players and communicate using a specialized group chat feature. Each team that participates in the Feast will be given a rating. High-ranking teams will earn rewards and the right to enter tournaments.



    Attention fashion fanatics! Patch 4.2 will see the introduction of the glamour dresser and glamour plate features which will make creating the perfect outfit easier than ever. Convert items to glamours, experiment with different combinations, save your favorite ensembles to glamour plates, and apply a whole set of glamours at once.

    Glamour Dressers
    Inn rooms in each of the city-states and Kugane will be furnished with glamour dressers, which allow the conversion of clothing, weapons, and tools into glamours.


    Glamour Plates
    After converting items into glamours, your favorite ensembles can be saved as glamour plates. All of the glamours included can then be applied simultaneously to your current equipment.


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    Between the new beast tribe and the glamour plates this should be a very interesting patch.

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