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    Patch 3.15 will bring a number of additions and refinements to Eorzea, including the introduction of the Anima Weapon and Saint Endalim's Scholasticate!

    Playable Content

    [3.0] The Anima Weapons story quest line has been added.

    As players advance through the Anima Weapons quests, they will be able to obtain various job-specific weapons which can be enhanced as they progress.

    Anima Weapons Story Quests
    A young researcher hailing from the Near East has come to Eorzea in search of aid. His field of study? Anima, an essence he considers to be a reflection of the soul. Through a chance encounter with the master craftsman Gerolt, he and the legendary blacksmith have joined forces to create a weapon the likes of which the realm has never seen.

    Quest: An Unexpected Proposal
    Required Level: Disciple of War or Magic level 60
    Location: Idyllshire (X:5 Y:5)
    NPC: Rowena
    Players must first complete the main scenario quest “Heavensward.”

    * Only the first quest title for Anima Weapons will be released with the patch notes. To learn more about Anima Weapons and how to enhance them, please consult and exchange information with other players as you progress through these quests.

    Class/Job-specific Quests
    Certain Anima Weapons quests employ a system which will require players to proceed using the same class or job with which they accepted the quest.

    Anima Weapons Quests
    Anima Weapons can be enhanced further by completing the story quests that will be added in future patches. Please note that enhancing these weapons may require players to invest a significant amount of time.

    Zodiac Weapon Zeta Exchange
    Players in possession of a Zodiac Weapon Zeta may exchange this weapon for items required to progress through a certain quest. Although the Zodiac Weapon Zeta will be lost upon exchanging it, players may purchase replicas should they choose to preserve its appearance via glamours.
    [3.0] The Scholasticate side story quest line has been added.


    [3.0] The side quest “Keeping the Ledger” has been changed to a side story quest.

    [2.0][3.0] The item rewards listed below have been added for certain beast tribe daily quests, and can be used to trade with each of the different beast tribe vendors:
    Steel Amalj'ok / Sylphic Goldleaf / Titan Cobaltpiece / Rainbowtide Psashp / Vanu Whitebone

    [3.0] The following items can now be obtained from archaeoskin, wyvernskin, and dragonskin treasure maps:
    Unidentifiable Shell / Unidentifiable Ore

    [2.0][3.0] Charting a course to the Diadem (Hard) has been made easier.

    Battle System
    [2.0] The appearance of action indicators has been adjusted to improve visibility.
    [3.0] Players can now obtain the following items upon completing Alexander: Gordias, areas one through four:
    Precision Gordian Bolt / Precision Gordian Lens / Precision Gordian Spring / Precision Gordian Shaft

    [3.0] The maximum number of unopened treasure coffers that can be available at any given time in the Diadem has been increased from eight to sixteen.
    If there are sixteen unopened treasure coffers on the field and a seventeenth treasure coffer is discovered, one of the sixteen pre-existing coffers will be replaced. However, if the coffer that is replaced has already been opened, the items it contained will automatically be distributed among party members when it vanishes.

    [2.0][3.0] New items have been added.

    [2.0][3.0] New recipes have been added.










    [2.0][3.0] New items related to the Anima Weapons story quest line have been added to local shops.

    [2.0] Replicas of each of the Zodiac Weapons Zeta can be obtained in the North Shroud (X:30 Y:20) from the NPC Drake.
    * Replicas are only available for purchase to players that have obtained a Zodiac Weapon Zeta.

    [2.0][3.0] The title of the Ixali and Vanu Vanu beast tribe vendor shops has been adjusted to more easily distinguish the reputation levels at which new items are available.
    Ixali Tribe
    Neutral: Purchase Items (Neutral) → Purchase Items (Neutral-Recognized)
    Recognized: Purchase Items (Neutral) → Purchase Items (Neutral-Recognized)
    Friendly: Purchase Items (Friendly) → Purchase Items (Friendly-Trusted)
    Trusted: Purchase Items (Friendly) → Purchase Items (Friendly-Trusted)
    Respected: Purchase Items (Respected) → Purchase Items (Respected-Honored)
    Honored: Purchase Items (Respected) → Purchase Items (Respected-Honored)
    Sworn: Purchase Items (Sworn) → Purchase Items (Sworn)
    Allied: Purchase Items (Allied) → Purchase Items (Allied)

    Vanu Vanu Tribe
    Recognized: Purchase Items (Recognized) → Purchase Items (Recognized)
    Friendly: Purchase Items (Friendly) → Purchase Items (Friendly)
    Trusted: Purchase Items (Trusted) → Purchase Items (Trusted-Honored)
    Respected: Purchase Items (Trusted) → Purchase Items (Trusted-Honored)
    Honored: Purchase Items (Trusted) → Purchase Items (Trusted-Honored)
    Sworn: Purchase Items (Sworn) → Purchase Items (Sworn-Bloodsworn)
    Bloodsworn: Purchase Items (Sworn) → Purchase Items (Sworn-Bloodsworn)

    [2.0] The selling price of the following items has been reduced:
    Mastercraft Demimateria: 7,500 gil → 3,000 gil
    Fieldcraft Demimateria III: 5,500 gil → 2,000 gil

    [2.0] Growth Formula Theta has been renamed to Growth Formula Zeta. The functionality has not changed.

    [2.0][3.0] New achievements and titles have been added.
    * Certain achievement titles relating to the Anima Weapons quest series have been omitted to prevent spoilers.

    Achievement Requirements

    [2.0] [2.0] Players can now execute special actions using the mount hotbar while on the following mounts:
    White Devil / Red Baron / Gilded Magitek Armor

    * Players must first complete the side quest “Magiteknical Difficulties.”

    [2.0] To improve gamepad functionality for Lord of Verminion, the following adjustments have been made to the up/down cursor operations used to select the “Trigger Trap” and “Withdraw” options:
    Pressing the up directional key while “Trigger Trap” is selected will no longer move the cursor to the lower row of the minion hotbar.
    Pressing the down directional key while “Withdraw” is selected will no longer move the cursor to the Execute Action button.

    Resolved Issues
    The following issues have been addressed.
    • An issue within “Saint Mocianne's Arboretum” wherein the battle log would not display properly while in combat with Queen Hawk.
    • An issue in "The Diadem" wherein players could not progress under certain conditions.
    • An issue when queued for “The Diadem” from the Company Workshop wherein under certain conditions, the airship used would be listed as “is currently on an exploratory mission” regardless of being able to enter the instance.
    • An issue wherein entering a Frontline while mounted on the Sanuwa mount would cause pets to not be displayed inside the instance.
    • An issue with “Lord of Verminion” wherein when the player and opposing player use special actions that disarm traps, the player that used the special action to disarms traps first can no longer place traps for that match.
    • An issue wherein the text for the Wind-Up Ixal special action was not correct.
    • An issue with the Bard quest “A Song of Bards and Bowmen” wherein progress was unable to be made under certain conditions.
    • An issue with the Ninja quest “Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night” wherein progress was unable to be made when selecting certain dialogue options during the event.
    • An issue wherein the act of learning to summon certain minions would have a cast time.
    • An issue within “Syrcus Tower” wherein players who already own the "Wind-up Onion Knight" minion would still be able to lot on it.
    • An issue wherein the reagent needed to use “Dragonskin Bottoms” as glamour was not correct.
    • An issue when desynthesizing “Coerthan Clione” wherein the “Coerthan Clione” would not be used and the items to be obtained from the desynthesis would not be obtained even after a successful desynthesis.
    • An issue wherein the text displayed when completing the Heavensward sightseeing log was not correct.
    • An issue with the Crafting Log wherein certain equipment was unable to be used as crafting material when placing the cursor on the item to be used as a material without selecting the item to be crafted. *The issue only occurred when using a mouse
    • An issue wherein entering certain areas could cause the player to become unable to progress.
    • An issue with the Shared Estate Settings window wherein housemates would not be displayed correctly.
    • An issue when using the housing item “The Unending Journey” wherein the door of the house would become un-targetable.
    • An issue with certain “Two-handed Conjurer's Arms” and “Two-handed Thaumaturge's Arms” wherein the display location of certain action effects was not correct.
    • An issue with Character Configuration wherein making any setting changes and closing the window through the X on the top right without pressing Apply would close the client.
    • An issue wherein making any direct changes to the save data would cause an inability to progress beyond the character select screen. (Windows Version only)

    New Items
    * Certain items relating to the Anima Weapons quest series have been omitted to prevent spoilers.


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  2. Caimie Tsukino

    Caimie Tsukino Realm Scribe

    I smell MONEY for crafters.

  3. racooperii

    racooperii Warrior of Light

    I smelled bullshit. I'm not into the grind for gil to be forced into buying from crafters for the relic weapon.

    I get trying to make crafters more useful, but it shouldn't feel so obviously forced.

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  4. praysolace

    praysolace Warrior of Light

    If it makes you feel any better, the bullshit extends faaaaaar beyond having to pay 5 million each for 16 HQ mats.

    According to a commenter on this Reddit thread (

    "There's 4 catalysts you need to present to finish the relic (Vendor: Cristiana @ Mor Dhona)

    "EACH of the catalysts requires 20 of "Unidentified" item (specific per) and 4 HQ crafted specialist items (recipe takes dawnborne, diadem mats, all that good stuff).

    "How to get unidentified items?

    "Option one: 10 new Alexander tokens per ONE item (floor-dependant, guaranteed direct drop to inventory of 1 token per run).

    "Option two: 13 beast tribe tokens per ONE item (tribe-dependant, Vanu require 18 tokens per item, Ixali don't participate). For 2.0 beast tribes, only rank 3 quests apply.

    "Option three: Get them from HW timeworn maps (Shell/Ore only, Dragonskin not 100%)

    "Option four: Buy them for tomes (680 law/poetics per ONE item, law = ore, seed, poetics = bone, shell)

    "That means... 800 Alex runs, or 27000 law+27000 poetics or 1040 rank 3 beast tribe quests. Of course, you can combine. But um...


    I'm with this guy.


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  5. racooperii

    racooperii Warrior of Light

    Sooooo. Looks like Im doing the original relic to skip because at least that Started interesting.

    This is so f*cking dumb, whatever shred of hope I had reserved that Maybe just Maybe, SE could give us interesting open world content is dead.

    "Hey you know all that s**t you already did and don't actively participate in it anymore? Well we're going to make you do it again! Isn't that fun?"

    No, no it's not fun, or interesting or even f*cking challenging. Honestly all I can see is people getting super toxic after having to run all this bullshit ad nauseam.

    A wasted opportunity, more rehashing and more lazy bullshit dev work. This is s Subscription based Korean F2P game officially.

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  6. Cyn Romanace

    Cyn Romanace Scion

    Nope I am officially done with this. The anima weapon quest was my last hope for this expansion being remotely interesting or expanding upon my class but it has failed to do that.

    All that has been done is a needless grind has been created, it has given crafters the ability to charge an arm and a leg for items, and add to that another chunk of grinding s**t to get more items.

    This is a class specific weapon, it should have nothing to do with the crafting classes. You want me to delve into dungeons and raids? that's fine but I should not have to spend obscene amounts of gil to complete this, this is quite frankly horse s**t and as @racooperii has been saying only proves that developers have no idea what they are actually doing because the first relic quest was far more interesting that what has been offered up for this one.

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  7. nobopyon

    nobopyon Crystal Brave

    is Thordon Ex is DF-able with this patch and Alex Savage will have echo with this patch?

  8. praysolace

    praysolace Warrior of Light

    This is a half-patch, no way they'd add DF for ThorEx this soon. Dunno about Savage. Did Coil Savage ever get echo?

  9. racooperii

    racooperii Warrior of Light

    The point of Savage is to keep it hard core. That's why there's a Normal version for the more casual players.

  10. praysolace

    praysolace Warrior of Light

    I know that, hence asking if Coil Savage ever got echo, because if it did, there'd be precedent for Alex Savage to get it, but I'd be shocked if it did.

  11. nobopyon

    nobopyon Crystal Brave

    you are right, i don't think coil savage get echo... which mean alex savage won't get echo neither... which the way i prefer it

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  12. racooperii

    racooperii Warrior of Light

    A lot of people prefer it this way. Why make a Hard Core version if you're going to casualize it right?

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