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  1. Ish

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    This is just a repost from the official forum post as i said i would help recruiting :)

    Who is Pandamonium?

    Pandamonium is an MMO gaming community. We are comprised of a richly diverse group of people from all walks of life committed to having fun. At our core are real life and online friends who have been gaming together since 2004. We have a lot of colorful characters here with strong and varied personalities, and we welcome you to the show. Pandamonium's goal is to provide an environment free of drama, where all members show each other mutual respect. Our age range spans 21 to 66, with our average falling at 37. In addition to our home in FFXIV, we have an active presence in SWTOR and a smaller presence in WoW.

    What is our structure?

    We provide a range of event opportunities. On a weekly basis we have multiple teams running, a Tuesday night raid open to all members (e.g., bird hunt, Omega normal, Treasure Map night, roulettes, Wondrous Tails, etc.), and a designated PvP night on Saturdays. You can check out individual team progression here and team openings here. Though our community will always have a progressive PvE focus, we pride ourselves on being all-inclusive. We have plenty of room for casual players, PvPers, RPers, and others.

    What are we looking for?

    • People that would like a place to call home for the long haul.
    • People who are 21+. Our members range in age from 20’s through 60’s.
    • Veteran gamers and folks new to MMO’s are both welcome.
    • Bigots, racists, homophobes, xenophobes, and misogynists need not apply. You wouldn't like it here, and we wouldn't like to have you.

    What do we have to offer?

    • A rank 8 Free Company.
    • Extensive gaming and guild leading experience.
    • Scheduled FC events.
    • A thorough, active community website.
    • Intelligent, friendly FC members.
    • A dedicated Discord server.
    • A mature, community-oriented FC with a strong foundation.
    • Multi-gaming opportunities for those interested.
    • No drama.

    Feel free to reach out to any of our FFXIV officers with questions. Lots of information is also available on our website,

    You may also speak to Katsyna Flamestalker with any questions

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  2. Ish

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    This weekend we are running another full Alliance Raid for Ridorana Lighthouse with both FC and friends :)
    Hit up any of the officers if you are interested to join the FC :)

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