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    Hello! We are Panacea <Tonic> on Adamantoise server! We started as a group of friends that all decided to play Final Fantasy XIV together. We are still fairly new both as an FC and as players (most of us at least, though we do have a few long time players) and would love to have anyone, that shares our goals below, come join us!

    **Our Goal**

    To learn and have fun together. Our reason for creating the guild was so people could come together in a fun and relaxed environment no matter where they are at in the game and hang out. We want everyone to feel welcome!

    **What We Offer**

    - We are a rank 8 Free Company and we activate experience buffs and other buffs daily!

    - Housing: We have a small house in Mists: Plot 18, 12th Ward. It is open to all, feel free to come check it out!

    - Weekly events: Currently we are running events every Friday at 7pm CST. These include, but are not limited to: Treasure Hunts, Hunts, Jumping challenges for sightseeing log, Extreme primal runs for mounts, Games outside if FF: i.e. cards against humanity or playing board games through steam’s tabletop simulator/ D&D night, Naked Aggro Races (no gear, make it from point A to point B without dying), and anything else our members suggest!

    - Discord: We use voice most nights to hang out, run content together, and have fun! Our server contains various text channels with all the useful information for FFXIV we have found so far, so you don’t have to search for it! If we have found it, you have access to it! If you can’t find an answer, we will do our best to help!

    **How To Join**

    If you would like to join our FC, feel free to message me here, apply in game, or message Sass Afrass on Adamantoise in game. You can also message me on Discord @Sass#2738 with any questions!

    We are looking for all classes to include any Disciples of War, Magic, Land, or Hand, and we would love to have anyone who shares our goal!

    Please see the link here for more info on our FC: [Panacea <Tonic>](

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