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Discussion in 'Disciples of War' started by dbueno, Sep 3, 2013.

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    I remember back in the days when tanking in XI I relied heavely on macros. I'm glad I dont have to do it in this game but I can help but wounder if a few macros would make me more effective. Like communicating with may pary and auto marking things.

    If you are using a macro for your tank share it! Im curious how people are using them!
  2. ZenBear

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    Shield Lob:

    /say Captain America!
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  3. Psyotik

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    I don't have the macro's since I am at work but I have these setup.

    Mouse over - mark targets 1,2,3 and CC1 keybound to F1-F4, and a party notification what each mark means.
    Taunt/ Shield Lob macro and I notify the party I am taunting a target and attempting to gain agro.
    And I have a "/p Stop attacking the wrong target macro!" to hit when I have fail dps in the party.
  4. Elvirnith

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  5. GaiusJulius

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    This has worked for me.

    Tank cool downs:
    /macroicon Rampart
    /ac Rampart
    /ac Bloodbath
    /ac Convalescence
    /ac Foresight

    /focustarget <t>
    /enermysign attack1 <t>
    /ac "Target Left"
    /enermysign attack2 <t>
    /ac "Target Left"
    /enermysign attack3 <t>
    /target <f>

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