Paladin Paladin Ability Quest Locations

Discussion in 'Disciples of War' started by pfc9769, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. pfc9769

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    Read that all the advanced class abilities are quested. Just got my Paladin to 35 but can't find the quest to get Cover. Does anyone know where the ability quests start for Paladin?
  2. xusha

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    Do you remember where your Paladin Job Master was at? That's where you'll be going for all of the new abilities (every 5 levels).
    Sadly I have not done the Paladin quest yet, so I don't know where your master will be.
  3. Maaja

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    If you can remember the area you were in, just click "recommended" and it will pop up in the list.
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  4. Grembo

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    It's about 12 seconds from the Gladiators Guild itself lol, go up the stairs to Hustings Strip and it's right in the lower part of the huge circular area. Pretty sure one of the shards warps you straight to it but i'm not hugely familiar with Ul'dah.
  5. pfc9769

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    Awesome! I didn't think to check there. I went to the coliseum and they acted like they didn't know me :shifty: I've been getting a 3102 error all day when trying to log in saying I'm already logged in. I'll have to check this when I'm able to play.
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  6. Vuxxy

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    Here is a video showing the paladin quest giver location..

  7. GeekMatt

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    Yeah, it's kind of a bitch move for them to act like that after having saved their asses so many times. Should write a complaint to SE about that.
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  8. Araye

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    That has always annoyed me. Even Momodi, who is so happy to see me while I'm helping her and Ul'Dah can't remember my name or deeds once she's done using me.
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  9. Azrealle

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    The Royal Audience Chamber or whatever it is called takes you right beside him.

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