Optimal GLD rotation at low level?

Discussion in 'Disciples of War' started by Herzov, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Herzov

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    So here I am as a lvl 20 GLD, so far I have no problems tanking 2-3 mobs with the FB+SV combo but it gets hard when I have to tank more than 3 due to DD(derpdealers), because they can't wait for me to settle down with my target and this is where SUPPOSEDLY flash comes in, problem is, I feel like Flash doesn't generate as much aggro as a FB+SV combo and with the 6 pack of mobs running haywire punching the crap out of everyone (yes,that includes you,little bard, trying to kite like a little prick, I wish you could suffer explosive diarrhea for making me chase you all over the dungeon).

    TLDR: Whats the best rotation for a low lvl GLD or does it not matter at higher levels when you get RoH?
    And where the hell are you supposed to stick Flash in your rotation?
    Also, what's the best recommended time to wait for a tank to get solid aggro on a mob? 2GCD or 1GCD?

    Much tanks(hah get it) in advance.

  2. Luko

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    Flash is your AoE. Use it at the beginning of every AoE pull at least 2-3 times at that level. Use your Riot blade combo to refresh mana.

    After threat is established, return to your FB>SV combo, tab targetting between mobs, sticking SV on different targets.

  3. Nichigo

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    Just want to reinforce what Luko said. I found that my problem as a new tank was not using Flash enough. You really have to spam it at the beginning...esp at lower levels. Life becomes MUCH easier after Rage of Halone.

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