Not finding level 15+ side quests outside of Ul'dah

Discussion in 'FFXIV Questions & Answers' started by Raengrey, Oct 18, 2013.

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    I've looked everywhere I can think of. There's one level 17 quest, other than that, nothing. My character hasn't yet done his level 15 class quest, will more appear after I do that?

    This is a secondary character so story quests are no longer an option, but the primary class occurred in Gridania, so it seems odd to me that there should be no side quests in Ul'dah. Is this just what I should expect from now on: FATEs, dungeons, and levequests, but no side quests?

  2. Nyekun

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    At Lv15, you should get an entire level per dungeon run, maybe til around the low 20's, but waiting on DF for the Lv15~17 dungeons will take you longer than any other dungeons in the game (based on my experience). Considering how easy it is to level at that level, I would just do FATE's. Don't do leves for your combat classes, it's more recommended to use them on your gathering/crafting classes, unless you have 100, then go for it.
  3. Cynessae

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    Check the Camp Drybone area. I know there are a ton of side quests up that way, but I can't remember if they start right at 15 or if they are a little higher.
  4. The47thSen

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    A lot of side quests are only available after you have progressed your main story quests.
  5. ilmaestro

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    Just look around the area you were doing the story in at that time (so, I guess, around the three starter dungeons). If nothing is there, FATEs are your answer.

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