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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by starscr3am, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. starscr3am

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    can someone explain me the different chat options. yell, say, shout etc.?
    What i mean is.. if i type "say", who can read? If i type "yell" who can read.
  2. pe3nguin

    pe3nguin Active Member

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    Say = white
    Yell = yellow
    Shout = orange

    'Say' can only be seen if you are in the immediate vicinity. 'Shout' is for that entire map [so basically use the blue dotted transition lines as a border]. Um...'yell' clue

    [edit] In for answer
  3. Acelin V'Lisa

    Acelin V'Lisa New Member

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    /say is within a small radial distance around you (usually about 25 yalms)
    /yell covers a larger distance
    /shout reaches everyone in the zone
    /tell (name) reaches a specific person privately
    /linkshell# talks to those in your linkshell
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  4. starscr3am

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    thank you very much :)
    i thought shout was, that everyone on the server could read the message.
  5. Dekard Sparx

    Dekard Sparx Newbie

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    I don't think chat is will reach across server using any chat method (/shout, /say etc...) Its all zone relative. Please correct me if I am wrong but I am 99% sure all chat is relative to the zone you currently inhabit. At least it was like that in FFXI...

    Except for Linkshell chat that is.
  6. Locke

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    And thank the Gods for it!
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  7. Acelin V'Lisa

    Acelin V'Lisa New Member

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    Nope - Global chat is reserved for announcements only.
  8. starscr3am

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    i will continu my noob questions here instead of creating a new topic.
    Im sure i will find my answers on the internet but i guess i will get a better response her.
    Attribute point: which class benefits which attribute? Is it wise to put every point in 1 attribute or in multiple atrributes?
    I understand strengt is for pug, lcn etc. Intelligense cnj, thm. dexterity arc. But what about mind and those other two?

    spiritbond: when 100%, do it give extra stats? Or whats the point to get 100%?

    Sorry for the stupid questions
  9. Sithius

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    I'll just drop a fun fact in here.

    Your character's mouth moves when you chat.
  10. xusha

    xusha Well Known Member

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    I was wondering this too yesterday. Then I
    Maybe that'll help you c:

    For spiritbond I'm not so sure.
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  11. starscr3am

    starscr3am Member

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    thanks. Anyone know why i cant us dexterity on my PUG instead of strengt? Whats the difference?
  12. Azrealle

    Azrealle Member

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    You can use any stat on any class, the impact is just lessened when using non-primary stats. Dex is a stat that modifies your ability to hit, STR modifies how hard you do hit. Most people prefer to stack STR on most melee classes for this reason, to increase their damage when they land a hit.
  13. Karamethien

    Karamethien Active Member

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    Unless you are a range attacker, STR is damage.

    You can mouse over each attribute and it explains what it does.

    Each class attribute distribution is separate. So you don't have to worry about balancing your stats for all jobs.

    You can dump everything in VIT as Gladiator and it will not affect your Marauder - which gets its own attribute pool.
  14. Ebon Claire

    Ebon Claire Member

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    What attributes you use will be different for each class. Usually you will only place them into one or two attributes. At this current time I don't think anyone has really figured out the best way to place your attribute points. I think it is best to look at what your job does and read the description of how each attribute will effect your character. In the long run I am not sure this will be overly important till you are a much higher level.

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