Nenehe wants friends! ... potentially more too :3c

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    im super sleepy and about to turn in but man is my yearning for friendly (or romantic--at the very least flirty) threads just getting stronger and stronger, hah. i feel it wouldn't too out of the ordinary if nehe turned out to be a liiiittle bit of a heart breaker. intentionally? unintentionally? most likely not intentionally. she feels like a naturally playful, mischievious little thing who happens to easily slip in and out of flirtatiousness, depending on the circumstance and chemistry that grows between herself and others. she'll never intend to hurt feelings (unless it becomes warranted -- which, yknkow, i don't mind; i don't really have plans for what happens. i just like to write the character as they'd naturally react and watch what happens--granted, of course i also keep OOC feelings and ideas very close to heart, 'cause i want to have equal fun with my RP partners), but she can be a tricky little enigma sometimes!

    i'd love to see how others take her personality, and likewise how she'll react to others, however they take her personality -- be they interested and genuinely pine for her or grow to have some kind of disdain for her ways, whether they want to confront whatever signals they think they're getting positively, negatively, or even if it's more complex than that where both parties are trying to figure out how they truly feel for one another, haha! everything is good and valid, i love mirroring realism! and whether or not there's even any trace of romantic interest anywhere! i just love love love going with the flow and really immersing in how OCs react to one another, and chatting OOC with other writers on why and how each come to feel whatever ways or have whatever kind of thoughts of one another <3

    mature stuff is never out of the question either - but i think i would prefer getting some art of how i like to imagine nehe's appearance out first, as the devs clearly contradict themselves harshly when it comes to the depiction of lalafell; the way i think of her appearance is still a very smol person and all, but yknow, abandoning the oddity that is ffxiv deciding to code these little guys and gals as if theyre uber young, when there's sooooo many mature npcs casually touching on very, very adult situations, yknow? can't wait to show her off! i want like a carrd and everything....

    feel free to shoot me PMs/conversations! i love new faces :3c

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