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    Actually have known this forum for long time, but only recently bothered to try. I've still considered forum to be best way to communicate and ask stuff, but ever since I was banned from official forum years ago, I find it hard to seek answers and have to deal with finding out myself more often, which has became more tiring lately. Luckily, only FF14 side were banned, can still access FF11 official forum, but only during free login campaign which I divulge below...

    Anyhoo... my intro: Legacy, ex-Sargatanas, moved to Masamune 3 months after 2.0 started due to massive lags & my blist almost full of RMTs. Felt regret losing many ease-communication I had from former server due to many speaks japanese only, but still trying to hang on to it. Still... 100 ms & zero RMT over 300 ms & s**t-loads of RMT. lol

    I'm more into casual for past few years due to RL-stuff, so no raids unless undersize available. Quite recent made an alt over my old server, and not long, I still really miss that place. Unfortunately, still lag pretty bad & didn't take long to get my 1st RMT spam. ^^;

    Also ex-FF11 myself, Bahamut server, started right after 1.0 ended & finished story content all the way to rhapsodies with only VW-story still incomplete, always focusing there whenever free login campaign starts. Still wishing I could dual-box both 11 & 14 but not enough stamina for it. ^^;

    Back to forum, I hope this place could help me back in official forum former glory, place where one could discuss without much judgement. Finally gave reddit a try a year ago and I never really like the up/down-vote system because I just want a normal functioned forum. Used to subscribe to many VGM forums decades ago, since I'm also huge VGM-fan, but majority already expired.

    I guess that's all for now. I tend to write too long, so I end this now before any got bored reading this. lol

    I wrote blogs over lodestone as well to document my past experiences. Just... don't peek too much. I'm 2 shy... ^^;

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  2. Fybrile

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    Hey Threadbare! Welcome to the Realm, a normally functioning forum without judgement!

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    Welcome to the Realm. We are quite relaxed here, you'd have to do something either incredibly stupid or offensive to be banned here.

    Also, you should find fewer RMTs when you hit the towns in the expansions as they generally can't be bothered to have all their bots go through the story to get to the later areas.

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  4. GeekMatt

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    Welcome, Bobbin!

    As I understand it, getting banned from the official forums is a common thing and happens to a lot of people. Hope Realm is a better fit for you!

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  5. Ish

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    Welcome to the realm. Yeah the official forums is a quote fest that people quote each other and argue.
    Myself i had got banned for calling someone out on their nonsense, i basically just said they did not know what they were talking about, lol

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