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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rschultzy80, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. rschultzy80

    rschultzy80 Adventurer

    Could someone tell me why it is that I cannot have multiple characters on the same server? I should only be able to log into one character at a time per account so the fact that servers are "full" shouldn't matter. Fact is I simply want to reroll my toon cause I can't stand looking at it. Other than to be unfriendly to potential subscribers, how does it make any sense to not allow more than one character?

  2. Ariahna

    Ariahna Adventurer

    Then delete it and reroll a new one? There is no need to have more than one character per server due to the fact that "you are what you wear". Your character can be any class you want.

  3. Kurotsu

    Kurotsu New Member

    Maybe because the server exceeded the maximum capacity of registered characters and could not accept anymore. Even if it is created from the same user doesn't mean you can join. Try to wait it out a few days after launch and try again. As many people are trying the game atm. They would probably leave or delete their characters.
    You could also join a lower capacity server if you want a new toon.

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  4. PyrZern

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    Right now you should have more than 1 character slot. 8 Exactly.
    However, most worlds are filled up and so character creation is disabled.
    You could have 8 characters on the same server, IF the world isn't bursting out at the seams.

    Don't FRIGGING delete your char there. Or you won't be able to play on the same server for a long while.

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  5. drinkmore123

    drinkmore123 Adventurer

    I think they just made the server capacity considerably decreased. I do not know how they are going to handle this when it is officially launched.

  6. rschultzy80

    rschultzy80 Adventurer

    The issue with deleting it and rerolling it is I doubt the server will let me join since it has closed registration acceptance. I would try a new server but I am on a server with friends. Just seems stupid, especially since we all have what 8 slots and most people on servers probably don't even have a second toon yet. I appreciate the responses tho. I really was just trying to think of reasons why they'd do it this way. The registered characters makes some sense but that really can't be all that much data. Just seems more like a knee jerk reaction to stopping server growth. Thank all the same tho xD

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