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Discussion in 'Disciples of War' started by Vaiur, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Vaiur

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    We know what skills do, but in terms of dps throughput, what are the best? I'd like to get people to weigh their opinions in here.

    To me (and from what I've experienced up to 35 PGL in beta), I felt that
    was the optimal gearing path.

    While it's nice that you get free autocrits on bootshine behind a mob, I felt signficantly more powerful when critting consistently (~30% of my hits were critical strikes usually).

    On the other hand, I can see someone arguing a Determination build for heftier autoswings and more consistent damage, versus the potentially bursty crit build due to the RNG nature of stringing crits.

    Seems like a case of higher potential throughput versus consistent throughput?

  2. Tigris

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    I Think Accuracy to 100% and skill Speed to (a little bit over) 10% is somehow a must to have a nice rotation.

    After that it is hard to say, since attackspeed somehow has "diminishing" returns since you have allready quite a lot (25%).
    And so 1% increase isn't a 1% increase in damage anymore.

    Crit is not as effective since you have one attack which always krits and one attack with 5% increased Cirt Chance.
    And you have a cooldown which increases crit by 20% (which is active 1/4 of the time).

    And Determination gives (from what I have read) not as much damage increase as other stats since it also increases healing received.
    Also It is needed to know, how exactly it works with the 20% damage increase one allready has.

    I would need to have the actual formulas for damage calculation (with determination) and I would need to know how reaplying dots works and I would also need to know what exactly can crit (like if dots can crit and for how much damage attacks crit.)

    To really calculate this precicely.

  3. Eein

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    Spreadsheet i made using simulations for using sphairai damage (no stats) and no gear.

    Its very apparent that value per point of crit goes way down the higher level you get. So at end-game its very different than leveling.

    Once I make BIS lists, i'll do further simulation on gear stats when properly geared.
    This does not include accuracy because there hasn't been enough accuracy testing to determine a formula.

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