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    Anyone has put in some deep thoughts for Monk end-game skills & rotations yet?

    I got Monk 60 only recently, and I'm loving Forbidden Chakra, Elixir Field and Form Shift.

    Actually, Elixir Field seems even more useful than Forbidden Chakra to me! Although it's slightly weaker in potency, it's an AoE, its execution is fast, and its cooldown is only 30 seconds, and can be reused again and again during the fight. My impression is that Elixir Field is really OP! In contrast, Forbidden Chakra needs a very long charge-up process between fights. It only does damage to 1 target, and it has a pretty long animation to execute. Still, both skills are awesome. I like them both a lot.

    Form Shift is quite versatile in its use... Apparently, we can click it once, and utilize the auto-crit of Bootshine, or utilize the Blunt Attack Resistance debuff from Dragon Kick on our first move. Alternatively, we can click it 3 times and start off with a Snap Punch to gain GL much faster. We can even click it just 2 times, and start off with Twin Snake, and grab that damage buff, if we don't have time to click it 3 times for Snap Punch before the fight. The skill is also very useful in maintaining GL3. If you're dodging stuff, and you're on Opo or Raptor form, you can keep clicking the button, and keep changing form, so that when you engage again, you can immediately be in Coeurl form to perform a Snap Punch or Demolish.

    It is a no-brainer that Forbidden Chakra and Elixir Field should be used under Greased Lightning, and if possible, in conjunction with B4B and Internal Release. My question is, how would you plan the rotation, or fight to utilize the buffs and the skills? I have been just improvising... A lot of times, I use Elixir Field when I'm only at GL2 - just for the sake of getting it out, so I can use it again soon later at GL3. Having B4B for the Forbidden Chakra is great. But if not having it, I'll still throw it out anyway if I see the target's HP is already below 50% and if I know I have time to charge up another one soon. These kinds of improvisions seem to work fine for me, but I'm curious if anyone has some suggestions to help make it even better.

    I don't like Purification and Tornado kick... Purif uses up the whole stack of Chakra, while T-kick uses up the whole stack of GL. I'd rather use the Chakra for a Forbidden Chakra move, and maintain my GL3 for consistent damage of other skills. I guess the T-kick is supposed to be like a "finishing" move, so you're supposed to use it when you know you will lose your GL3 anyway. But it seems rather rare to have such a situation for me.

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