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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Carsickness, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Carsickness

    Carsickness Adventurer

    So just a few I've come across that may help some people. Also interested in seeing what others have come up with to make that gil.

    - I buy Lvl 48-49 Jewlery off the MB ($5k each) and then run dungeons until they are soulbound (roughly 4 runs). I can make anywhere from 10-90k a day doing this, off the lvl III Materia they drop.

    - Another way of doing the above technique is just having a crafting class at 50 and crafting your own gear to do the exact same thing... only cheaper.

    - There is a chest in Wandere's Palace (right before the first boss) that drops (what seems like 50%) the item needed to make the Paladin relic weapon. It sells from 15-28k, and being a Paladin myself, I can just 'Need' the crap out of it.

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  2. Kentaro

    Kentaro Adventurer

    1. Buy level 45+ Whites and run Castrum 4 times, break into materia and sell them.

    2. Level a craft to 50 (Carpenter and Blacksmith are the big money makers) and sell relic craft/meld services as well as your craft's niche item (Leather for LW)

    3. Level a gathering to 50. It's tedious, it's long, it's boring, but you will swim in money.

    4. Optional (requires serious free company) My free company is the first to kill Titan as a pre-made on our server and we sell our services to random people who require primal kills for their relic. (Made about 500k off that)

    5. If you're serious about crafting like me. Work quickly to become one of the first to craft HQ 2 star recipes and you will swim in money.

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  3. Cynessae

    Cynessae Crystal Brave

    Level fishing up to 30+ and fish off the coast of Bloodshore or Vesper Bay for Silver Sharks. These are a main component in Shark Oil and sell for a pretty penny. :cat:

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  4. Spokenlastchance

    Spokenlastchance Adventurer

    Apparently you can buy some goat item. I thought it was goat skin but that's not it from a vendor for 400 gil, and resell it on the market for 2k, and it apparently sells like hotcakes. A FC member was talking about it last night.

  5. Yojubo

    Yojubo Adventurer

    During a craft leve that required me to turn in 3 crafted weapons, I bought a ton of them from market about 40-50 gil a piece. So for about 150 in cost and a total reward of 500+ gil x 3 since you can do it 3 times per leve. After 20 times I made over 20k. Along with exp for my craft.

  6. Mikozee

    Mikozee Adventurer

    The limitation with that is the number of leves you have. While the chump change you make out of that is okay, you're better off saving leves to jump-boost your late-level crafting jobs.

  7. Kentaro

    Kentaro Adventurer

    Limitation to 3 per 9 hours. Yes, eventually you can save up or complete enough leves over time to collect money, however, you forget to mention that turning in HQ items give an extra 200% bonus for extra experience & money.

  8. Yojubo

    Yojubo Adventurer

    Didn't want to give away all the secrets. XD I had about 30 leves saved from when I was questing with my main.

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