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Discussion in 'Hyperion' started by Sidonie, May 12, 2018.

  1. Sidonie

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    Mischief Management <MM> is a friendly and helpful FC looking to recruit players to join. We welcome all to the FC whether you're new to the game or not. Our goal is to get enough social and active members to join so we can do more content whether it's pony/bird farms, MSQ stuff, endgame content or whatever is needed by our members. We're a group of nerdy people who obviously love Harry Potter and many other Fandoms, and we enjoy helping out our fellow members. We love helping our members out with anything we can do, and we play to have fun! There are multiple master crafters in the FC so that we can make sure to help provide our members with anything they may need.

    The FC is Rank 8 and we own a mansion in the Mists. We offer daily FC Actions, Housing, Airships, Stables, and an FC Garden that we utilize to grow anything our members may need or allow members to grow things if they wish, and we also utilize Discord as well as FB for connecting with our members so that we can organize events and stay in touch with our members.

    If you aren't up for an FC yet, or have one already, you're also welcome to join our LS that we also have, Dumbledore's Army, that we use to socialize and chat with other people from different FC's so that we can help each other out with content as well as just to have fun. If you're interested in joining either, please send a tell in-game to any of the following people, or you may inbox me on here: Sidonie Courcel (Me, the FC Owner), Aeryn Yuki (Co-Owner), Primeval Miklasz, or Lews Therin. Or you may apply if we're afk and online, I usually stay on quite often so I will see it and approve it ASAP.

    We look forward to seeing new epic members soon :3!

  2. Lucius Tinger

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    "Clap,clap,clap" Very Informative and helpful pitch!!! I like that you even added something for people already with a fc so they wouldn't feel bad about not joining!! Magnificent! I hope you all get plenty of people!

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