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    EDIT: I will not update it cause there is a site/tool which is way more useful and has all the materials you can gather, how many you need for each profession and all the crafting quests and it is

    This is mostly a plan of what to gather and where in order to level Miner/Botanist and get usefull materials. Note that Nodes are increasing by 5 levels each time and you can only see the node when you are not more than 4 levels below the level of the node. So you can see and gather from Level 25 node when you are level 21+, e.t.c.

    Also a level 25 node might have gathering materials from Lv21 to Lv25. I am saying this because in my guide I will have the level of the material not the level of the node, but you will be able to know the level of the node if you know the level of the material. Level x node have level (x-4) to x material. So lets go :)

    Also note that every material might have use by multiply crafting classes. I will add the crafting that makes the most use of the material and not all the crafting that might also need it.

    Level 21-26

    • Alumen - L19 Eastern Thalanan(17x,19y) [Leatherworker]
    • Mudstone – Lv20 Western La Noscea [Goldsmith]
    • Effervescent Water – Lv24 South Shroud [Alchemy]

    • Noble Grapes – L22 Upper La Noscea [Grape Juice – Level20 Culinarian Leve]
    • Chamomile – L24 Upper La Noscea [Chamomile Tea x3 – Level 25 Culinarian Leve]
    • Walnut Log – Lv24 South Shroud [Carpenter]

    Level 26-31

    • Silver Ore – Lv25 South Shroud [Goldsmith]
    • Bomb Ash – Lv26 South Thalanan (22x,29y) [Steel ingot - Blacksmith, Armorer]
    • Fire Crystal - Lv26 East Thalanan (24x,19y)
    • Ice Crystal - Lv26 West La Noscea (31x,27y)
    • Earth Crystal - Lv26 Low La Noscea (26x,15y)
    • Water Crystal - Lv26 West Thalanan
    • Lightning Crystal - Lv26 South Thalanan (18x,11y)
    • Wind Crystal - Lv26 East Shroud (20x,27y)
    • Millioncorn – Lv25 East Thalanan [Corn Meal x3 – Level 30 Culinarian Leve]
    • Grey Pigment – Lv28 South Shroud (17x,21y) [Black Dye]
    • Fire Crystal - Lv26 Middle La Noscea (16x,13y)
    • Ice Crystal - Lv26 South Shroud (17x,22y)
    • Earth Crystal - Lv26 North Shroud (26x,21y)
    • Water Crystal - Lv26 East La Noscea (27x,33y)
    • Lightning Crystal - Lv26 Centre Thalanan (24x,30y)
    • Wind Crystal - Lv26 Central Shroud (25x,29y)
    Level 31-36

    • Siltstone – Lv30 Upper La Noscea [Goldsmith]
    • Raw Garnet – Lv31 East La Noscea [Goldsmith]
    • Raw Heliador – Lv32 South Thalanan(25x,41y) [Goldsmith]
    • Raw Peridot – Lv33 Central Shroud [Goldsmith]
    • Raw Gosherite – Lv33 East La Noscea [Goldsmith]
    • Raw Amethyst – Lv34 Central Shroud [Goldsmith]
    • Mithril – Lv34 South Thalanan(25x,41y) [Blacksmith, Armorer, Goldsmith]

    • Flax – Lv31 South Shroud [Weaver]
    • Oak Branch – Lv31 South Shroud [Carpenter, Alchemy]
    • Oak Log – Lv32 South Shroud [Carpenter]

    Level 36-41

    • Raw Aquamarine – Lv35 East La Noscea [Goldsmith]
    • Raw Tourmaline – Lv36 South Shroud [Goldsmith]
    • Raw Spinel – Lv37 South Shroud [Goldsmith]
    • Raw Zircon – Lv38 Coerthas Central Highlands(Haldrath March) [Goldsmith]
    • Raw Jade – Lv39 Coerthas Central Highlands(Haldrath March) [Goldsmith]
    • Black Alumen – Lv40 South Shroud [Leatherworker]

    • Iron Acorn – Lv36 East La Noscea [Acorn cookies - Level 35 Culinarian Leve]
    • Mahogany Log – Lv37 East La Noscea(19x,26y) [Carpenter]
    Add any suggestions you have and I will update the first post :) I also plan to update this up to 50 once I have the chance.

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    Nice post, and thanks for sharing.

    I am approaching level 31 on my Botanist, and I think this is a nice little guide for these grinding levels. The only thing I don't like about Grey Pigments is no HQ :( They sell fairly decently though on the MB typically.

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    Thanks :) Of course you can level to 31 just with Walnut log, Chamomile and Millioncorn. I just thought that geting 1-2 stacks of grey pigment for the black dye would be nice too :)

  4. deneathor

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    Absolutely. I ended up grabbing quite a few pigments and some crystals while I was there. I did spend the majority of my time getting Walnut logs because I am leveling Carpenter as well, though it is not quite as high as my Weaver. Saved some Chamomile and corn for my wife, who just stared cooking. :D

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    imho when you reach 30+ the grind is ridiculous.
    i prefer grinding levequests. well do u recieve any items but gill. But anyway the lowlvl items aren't worth anymore

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    Great list, tagging this for later.

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    I have updated the 26-31 levels and included Crystals that required for dyes and several items in later crafting levels. Also it is a good way to complete your gatherer achievements in 3 main areas :).

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    Awesome post. Tagged it. :D

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    thanks for posting this and not being stingy with the knowledge

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    "Add any suggestions you have" ...

    - I was wondering about those 3 skills I got that get me 2x crystals for 400 GP:

    20 [​IMG] Nald'thal's Ward
    20 [​IMG] Byregot's Ward
    20 [​IMG] Thaliak's Ward

    Do I need to get better gear? I have 360 GP (roughly; am level 20 or 21 now) so it is not even near a comfortable amount to casually toss 400 around for a 6 more crystals.

    Well basically what I would like to know... what gear do you use? Or should I forget about the 2x crystals?
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 30, 2013, Original Post Date: Sep 30, 2013 ---
    These are the items you need for the quests (level - item - x{amount} (grade)):
    • 01 - Latex x1
    • 05 - Bone Chip x50
    • 10 - Obsidian x99
    • 15 - Cinnabar x10 (HQ)
    • 20 - Grade 1 Carbonized Matter x99
    • 25 - Effervescent Water x15 (HQ)
    • 30 - Wyvern Obsidian x15 (HQ)
    • 35 - Raw Amethyst x20 (HQ)
    • 40 - Jade x20 (HQ)
    • 45 - Electrum Ore x20 (HQ)
    • 50 - Darksteel Ore x3

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    @Rinzwind Don't worry in some levels, and especially at level 26 where you will be able to mine the crystals, you will have 400gp from the passive GP increase...the best way to farm shards is to make a new character and level all crafting to level 10 and do the lv 1,5,10 quests. You can buy all the materials needed from vendor and by the time you will be level 10 and able to learn the crafting classes you will have more gil than needed to do this...It took me 1 day to do this and managed to get 1500+ from each shard :)

    Now I found a site which is very very useful and far better than this little "guide". I have added it to my first post

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    Hello! Thanks for the guide, but I have a question. I'm trying to gather noble grapes to level up cooking, but i've searched all over around Upper La Noscea and I cannot find any node. Why is this? Is it because I'm a level 18 Botanist at the moment?

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    @Maiku Yes this is the problem :) You will be able to see the node at level 21. See it like this.
    A level 25 Node may contain materials of level 21-25. In order to see the node and gather from it you will need to be level 21. Al evel 25 node cannot have a level 26 material. A level 30 node can have materials with level 26-30 and you can see the node if you are at least level 26.

    So Noble Grapes are Lv22 Material. That mean the it is contained in a level 25 Botanist node. Hope I explained it well enough :)

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    Yes! You explained it awesomely! Thanks so much for replying! I just wish i didnt go all the way there just for nothing 3 times before lol

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