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Discussion in 'Sargatanas' started by Elyk, Jan 22, 2018.

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    I (drk) and a co-tank (pld) are looking for a midcore FC (preferred) or Static group. We're looking to run the harder stuff (Savage, ex primals, etc...) all across the board. We've always kinda been one step behind with catching up from a late start and then not having a comfortable group to run with. In the FC sense, it doesn't even have to be static more than "Hey, we're gonna get a group together for a learning party!" kinda stuff. But with a bit of patience and practice, you got yourselves some pretty determined tanks that are looking to fit in and progress!

    (Bonus info, we'd also like to clear a lot of the older content, as well, even if unsynched. We kinda feel like we missed out a lot of story and experience with the Bahamut stuff and all that! That, and we'd like to fill out some of those missed achievements...)

    Hit me up on Discord (Elyk#6934) or in-game (Chantz L'entviane)!

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