Materia Changes and Basic Understanding

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    As per Fybriles request, a quick compilation of significant changes to the Materia system and a basic understanding of how it works.

    Source Listing of the Materia Changes:

    Significant Changes:

    Types of Materia.
    1.0: 64

    2.0: 24

    Grades/Levels of Materia

    1.0: 4

    2.0: 5

    Variances in materia
    1.0: All materia had a stat range that varied depending on the type of materia and the grade such as a Mind Materia III could have between 11-15 MND, and MND Materia IV could have 16-20. (This variance did eat up alot of inventory space)

    2.0: All materia have a set value for each grade, though values do vary depending on the type of materia such as a Savage Might II gives +3 Determination while a Strength Materia II will give +2 STR .

    How materia is obtained from gear.
    1.o: Only certain materia could be obtained by certain gear, such as a Ring could make 5 types of materia, or a belt could make 7.

    2.0: Materia obtained is more based on the type of class that can wear it, Robes drop more mage like materia, armor more tank/DD types, etc. Prolly even finer details depending on the class weapon that have yet to be specified.

    How does melding work differently.
    1.0: You fail a meld you lose the gear, all previously attached materia, and the materia and catalyst you were trying to attach to the gear, you start from square one with nothing.

    2.0: Gear can have multiple slots now each avaliable slot guarenteeing 100% success. Additional materia added beyond the amount of slots avaliable has a chance of being destroyed along with the catalyst, but previously attached materia and gear will remain unaffected.

    What materia can be melded to which piece of gear.
    1.0: Only specific pieces of materia can be fitted to certain pieces of gear (Such as Gatherers Gurdeon can only be attached to a DoL main hand), additionally materia cannot be attached to accessories, R/EX gear, or dated gear.

    2.0: You can attach whatever materia you want to any piece of gear including Accessories and certain pieces of Rare gear as long as it comes with at least one materia slot.

    Effects materia has on gear.
    1.0: You can stack as much of a particular stat on a piece of gear as you possibly can (with 5 materia) and receive the full benefit from it.

    2.0: Bonuses received will have a artificial cap depending on three factors, stats already attached to an item, iLv (item Level), and which of the four catagories a piece of gear falls under (Main Hand, Off Hand, Armor, Accessories).

    For example you could take a Rubillite Ring which has +6 STR with an iLv of 49, and although you could attach STR materia to it you won't receive any bonus stats from the materia(it will show you the diminished returns prior to attaching materia which will appear red). It's a little different with gear that has an iLv of 70+, you will more likely have the ability to attach materia with the same stats as alreay attached to gear, but not by much.

    1.o: There were three types of catalysts each with 4 grades.

    2.0: Just one type of catalyst with up to 5 grades.

    1.0: Actions done, exp gained from mobs, damage done/received based on disparity of the targets level and your level effecting the rate. Exp gained as rewards from Guildheists, Leves, Fates, Quests do not affect Spiritbonding.

    2.0: Same as 1.0, however with exp mainly coming from rewards instead of monsters, the spiritbonding process will take longer.

    Basics to Know:
    - Any piece of gear with at least one Materia Slot can have materia equipped to it.
    - Every open socket guarentees you 100% success when melding a materia. The success rate of melding a materia to a piece of gear beyond the open sockets avaliable, depends on the level of the gear, what grade the materia is, how many pieces and what grades of materia are already melded to the gear.

    - To meld materia you need a Catalyst of the same grade as the materia you are attempting to meld.
    - When you fail to meld materia to a piece of gear, you lose the Materia and the Catalyst you were using in the attempt.
    - You can meld up to a maximum of 5 materia to a piece of equipment.
    - Gear cannot have materia attached to it if the materia is a higher grade than the gear you are trying to attach it too.
    - Materia can be removed from the gear by talking to the Moblin who introduces you to Materia for a small fee, the materia removed will be destroyed in the process. (It has yet to be determined if removing the materia will remove the last piece attached, or all of the materia like in 1.0)
    - You can make and sell Materia melded equipment to others, you just cannot incur any Spiritbond, wear or tear, or engage in combat while worn.

    Tips for Spiritbonding:
    -The higher you're class level is over the gear the faster that gear will spiritbond.

    -The higher the mob is over your character the faster gear will spiritbond. (You could SB pretty quick on Primals and in Dungeons)

    -You can get spiritbound through any action from taking damage, to damage dealing, gaining experience, casting spells repeatedly, etc.

    -You cannot gain spiritbonding from instanced rewards such as fates, guildheists, guildleves, or quests, however actions and exp gained from defeating monsters during those events still apply. (This is probably why Yoshi said it would take longer to SB now, because more exp is gained through these methods than just exp mob grinding).

    -All gear has different values when it comes to spiritbonding. (IE: Leather gloves might have a value of 100, while Leather Boots might have a value of 50.)

    -The grade of the gear affects the maximum grade of your materia (IE: Grade 2 gear can only yield 1 and 2 grade materia, while Grade 5 can yield 1-5 grade materia though it's rare to get anything beyond a grade lower than the gears grade.)

    -Inhibits Spiritbond Gain gear, restricts the users ability to spiritbond any gear save for that item with the restriction, the player must fight enemies equal too or higher than the players/gears level, and must be done solo, bonuses from SB gain items still apply. (Note:Unfinished Relics in 1.0 were the only thing to restrict SB thus far)

    Basic Understanding for Creating, Spiritbonding, and Melding Materia:
    Creating Materia- After completing the quest to create materia, all you have to do is wear a piece of disposable gear until it has spiritbound itself to you. The time it takes to spiritbond an item varies from piece to piece and level to level, but after the gear is spiritbound, all you have to do is de-equip the gear and select the option to crytalize it into materia.

    Binding/Melding Materia- When you come across a piece of materia you want to bind to a piece of gear you need to do a few things. First obtain the ability to meld materia by completing a quest, then you will need a piece of gear that's equal too or higher in grade than the materia, make sure the gear has materia slots, and a catalyst that's the same grade as the materia your trying to meld. Select the Bind/Meld option on the piece of gear or materia your trying to put together, select the other components required and wala done. As for what crafter can bind materia for you it depends on what class can repair that piece of gear and that their DoH level is equal too or higher than the gear being melded.

    Multiple Binds/Meld- Same as above you just have to do a quest to multi-bind/meld, and follow the same procedures. The only difference is until you try to meld more materia than the gear has slots for it's 100% success, if you try for more there's a chance of failure and loosing that piece of materia and the catalyst you were trying to use to bind/meld to the gear. That chance of failure increases with each subsequent piece of materia attached as well as other factors such as the grade of materia and how many are already attached.

    Hope you find this info useful.

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    Don't know if anyone cares for this little bit of info, but I was scouring the interwebs for the name of this catalyst so I can find more information on it such as how its acquired. Found out the name of the catalyst is Carbonized Matter, and that it will be acquirable through the Disciples of Land classes much like Dark Matter for Repairing.

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    I'm not sure if that's just old data you looked up since Carbonized Matter was one of the three inital types in 1.0, but yes if you were gathering at certain places with the "Fingerprint of the gods" ability equipped it gives you a chance of finding them when the strike, swing, reel-in meter flashed pink. I assume the catalysts will be farmed the same way, but at this point it's hard to tell w/o any solid info.

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    Sorry, I should have referenced how I came to this conclusion n_n;

    I came to the conclusion I did from searching "FF14 ARR Catalyst" in google, and found: "" which shown Carbonized Matter.

    I then searched "Matter" at and saw there was Dark Matter and Carbonized Matter.

    Probably out of naivety I assumed that xivdb would be accurate :eek:, and as you pointed out in the post there is only 1 catalyst now which has 5 ranks. I concluded that it was indeed Carbonized Matter and was farmed through DoL like xivdb suggested. o-o;;

    Edit: Upon looking at it again, it says its acquired via Logging and Quarrying? No idea if quarrying was available in Phase 3, or if it was just a 1.0 thing o-o?

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    Good on you for looking into it.

    Yeah, Quarrying was in 1.0, it was the offhand option for Miner. I'm not exactly sure how it will work this time around, it just seems a little off to rely on the offhand for catalysts, that could just be me though. Then again alot can change, it was pretty obvious gear wasn't finalized in P3 and had alot of kinks to work out.

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    This is extremely knowledgeable.

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    Made some updates to reflect the finialized changes which were made after I made this, all updated data is highlighted in Blue.

    If anyone has anything else to add to this please by all means let me know and I'll update.

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    Probably a good idea to include ur date of update at the top of the first post. We never know if after another patch or two ppl are still reading this.

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    True, and I should probably make adjustments for the whole materia transmuting thing now too.

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