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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dakota, Jun 19, 2013.


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  1. Dakota

    Dakota Crystal Brave

    So if you know me at all I'm an extremist. I like to excel to the fullest extent at everything I possibly can. For a person (me) that is 100% set on playing a marauder. Is there any statistical or ability reasons I should level him as an Archer/Gladiator/Pugilist/Conjurer/Thaumaturge as well? What will I gain if I had all of those maxed out if I eventually wanted to get a job further in the Marauder class. Is it worth the time of leveling over and over? I'd rather have 1 character that is my full out main then 6 or 7 alts that are just decent. So what I'm asking is. To be a truly badass Marauder (not sure what spec/job is after that but ill want the most badass one!) should I level my other class skills or stick to marauder ? Will I miss out during end game content ? Will my dps or contribution not be as adequate as the guy that has maxed all classes on his Marauder?

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  2. Madrone Damodred

    Madrone Damodred Crystal Brave

    You'll want to level the two secondary classes for Warrior: Gladiator to 34 and Pugilist to 42, so you have access to the 10 cross class abilities a Warrior can use. As a level 50 Warrior, I think you can set 5 cross class skills from those classes at any given time.

    You don't have to level anything else if you don't want to. If you unequip your Warrior job from Marauder, you'd have access to almost every cross class skill from every class, so its up to you if you want to level some of the other classes for this flexibility. As a level 50 Marauder, I think you can set 10 cross class skills picked from any of the classes, except for offensive spells and Cleric's Stance.

    See here:

    So that's the gimping aspect of choosing not to level extra classes- if you level nothing else you'll have some slots for abilities and nothing to set in them. Make sure to cover the minimum for WAR (some levels of GLA & PGL). Pick and choose among the rest for MRD (mostly look to LNC and ARC). But odds are at higher levels you won't be playing MRD as much as WAR. Still if you see any under level 10-20 that you like.... they're not that much effort to obtain.

    Here's what you get when you equip your Warrior job on Marauder, in exchange for the flexibility and quantity of cross class skills Marauder can use:!filters/1...6QUNBX0lOR0FNRV8xOkFPQV9BT0FMVkxfQU9BREVTQzoi

    As for endgame content access, that will depend on how the community accepts PLD vs WAR for tanking. It may be that one outshines the other in some content and vice versa. In that case you might consider taking GLA/PLD up the rest of the way so you have both options available. They share a lot of gear too, so getting good stuff on one will often benefit the other as well. But if you go that route, GLA/PLD will need some CNJ levels. Level 34 is the highest level CNJ ability a PLD can use.

  3. Orien

    Orien Crystal Brave

    Archer offers some +accuracy & +damage skills.

    Pugilist will give you a +accuracy and +evasion skill.

    Gladiator will offer you a few defensive abilities that I am pretty much willing to say are a necessity.

    Conj is meh~ish.

    Lancer will offer a couple damage boosting abilities.

    As far as PLD vs WAR. SE seems to be doing its best in order to balance them to a point that one is not needed over the other. Now this is all for Marauder rather than Warrior because as Warrior you are, as Madrone stated, limited to your main and support class as far as abilities go.

    P.S. The strategy for winning is having tiger blood ;)

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