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    So I was sitting here, at my desk, at work...with no phone calls or any real work to do, thinking about Roleplay Macro's.

    And it got me to ask this, do you guys make simple Macro's for Roleplay puposes, such as the /stagger button for a tank who gets hit hard and such like that?

    What's a good way to do RP Macro's without making them overly annoying to other players who aren't into RP(In XI I had one person honestly threaten me since I emoted my macros...I won't say what I did in rebuttle but it wasn't a proud moment lol).

    What are some of your favorite RP Macro's you've seen/done in the past that you plan on redoing/emulating?
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    Back in the Ancient days, when us old folk had to clack rocks together to send each other RP actions in MMORPG, I played a game called Star Wars Galaxies as an entertainer. One of the most helpful MacroI had was a macro to target players near me and just send off a simply greeting, a wave, a hello, ect. Then I had one to wish a character well and say good bye.

    There were others to help me buff and to make it more RP realistic--but generally I tried to keep my macros for RP to simple and to only the most repetitive parts of RP= Greeting, Saying hello, saying good bye. In other games I played when I moved on from SWG I liked to make macros for buffs, battle cries, or if I needed healing to save me from having to type in a group environment when hitting my skills as fast as I could was more important than typing out my character's actions. The rest of my emotes & Rp I preferred to type out out of the personal preference that if I am role playing with someone, I want to put in the good ol' heave-ho effort.

    In short: Do what makes your gaming experience easier and fun. Make sure you hang out with people who have the same sort of general view point--I am of the belief that as long as you aren't mentally or emotionally harming anyone, what and how you RP is nobody's business but yours...and don't let the haters hate all over your fun times.
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    I try not to let people deter my sense of fun in anything, and I try really really hard to avoid hurting anyones feelings(As I am an empathetic person), so I go more for jovial and fun styled personalities. Although this time around I'm going to go with tragic past, but still knows how to have fun in life approach type of personality.

    I also plan to keep my RP macro's seperate from my Action Macro's(Unless they're a combination of the two), probably use one of the side macro bars for that...haven't decided yet.
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    when I type in my chat screen it shows up as jap intead of eng can someone please help me fix this
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    0.0 Honestly, I have no idea on how to help with that. Maybe try posting in the Beta Forums, might be a glitch on the server.
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    Just thought this might help out:
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    Saw this already but a great post. I actually found the Menu for Macro's today 10 minutes before I went to work.

    EDIT: Speaking of Macros, I believe this would be a great Macro for Roleplay and Technical purposes for GLD.

    /p Leave them alone!
    /me <mo>
    /ac "Provoke" <mo>
    /wait 30
    /echo Provoke Ready!

    Allows you to do a Mouse over on your Aggro List to get the Hate back instead of actually switching Targets. What do you guys thing?
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