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    Company Charter

    Lux Crystalis is a Final Fantasy XIV free company that is built on friendship and trust. The main goal of the company is to have fun playing A Realm Reborn and enjoying each other’s company. We endeavor to experience all content and keep up with the ever evolving nation of Eorzea.

    We are casual friendly however require a commitment that our members make a positive contribution to the Free Company.

    Ain’t nobody got time for that

    [h3]Founding Members & Leaders[/h3]
    • Oz Sortiarus> Guild Master
    • Little Pet > Guild Leader
    • Koryn Arcus > Guild Leader
    • Corwin Aurilliac > Guild Leader

    [h3]Member Prerequisites[/h3]
    • Mumble regular > voice chat essential > no background lingering
    • Must fit in with the guild culture
    • Trustworthy and Likable
    • Be willing to participate
    • Be willing to learn
    • Play regularly
    • Be of legal age within your country to considered an adult*

    *Lux Crystalis has an adult culture such as drinking nights, profanity, graphic photobombing ect.
    The leaders of the Free Company have no way to verify your age nor the right to, however you must
    accept that the members and free company have no legal or social responsibility for you and
    cannot be held legally accountable for anything whether it be in real life or on the internet.

    Please see the "culture" section for further details

    [h3]Other Linkshells[/h3]
    Members are free to join any other linkshell they wish. However loyalty to the Free Company always comes first.

    Company Culture
    This is a Free Company, we run many events and encourage members to participate as much as possible

    [h3]We Are Avid Achievement Hunters[/h3]
    A Realm Reborn will have achievements for
    both individuals and the free company which will keep us busy for quite a while!

    [h3]“Friday Night Drinks”[/h3]
    Events which may entail explorers achievements, drunken Ifrit
    battles, ‘So you think you can craft’ challenges, /pose to random people around the
    server and taking screen captures wearing slutty Armour.

    Disclaimer: Friday night drinks may last through to Saturday and Sunday

    [h3]Casual Work nights[/h3]
    We like to take it easy log into mumble and talk whilst crafting,
    leveling jobs or farming materials

    [h3]Caught On Camera[/h3]
    we love screen grabs and never miss an opportunity to get a
    group shot.

    [h3]Menphina Magazine[/h3]
    Lux Crystalis members produce a monthly fan magazine set in the Final
    Fantasy XIV universe inspired by trash magazines such as Cosmo or Dolly. Koryn
    Arcus is the editor, we encourage people to contribute if you have ideas and the
    photo shop experience.

    [h3]Dungeons & Dragons[/h3]
    Corwin Aurilliac is the DM for a regular Dungeons and Dragons role playing group,
    which meets on Mumble every Wednesday night. /tell Corwin if you are interested in
    joining and they can try and find you a space.

    Server and Play Schedule

    The Lux Crystalis free company was founded by four Australians and is primarily made up of Oceanic players at the moment.

    At this point in time Lux Crystalis is based on the Sargatanas server. The Oceania Guildwork page held polls to determine where the majority of Oceanic and South East Asia players would be going. Sargatanas is the prime choice for players wanting to be on an NA/EU server.

    We have many strong friendships with our English speaking international friends and have decided at this point to stay on Sargatanas.

    The company play schedule will be in the range of GMT+8 to GMT+12 and mostly occurring after 17:00 on weeknights.

    If you are interested in joining please submit an application at

    If you have any questions and want to send an email:

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    Whoop Whoop!


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    Koryn/Oz I try'ed to register but it says name already in use :nailbiting: same name I use in Mumble

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    Hey Grim! Because our site uses the Guildwork platform there are many other guilds that also have sites for 3 different games. You may have to choose another name :(

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    first they took my in game name and now this ! Damn you internetz! ! !!11 ...

    thumbs up "cough"

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