Looking For Looking for a group that wants to level up their classes from 30-50 through dungeons.

Discussion in 'Gilgamesh' started by Mandikiri, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Mandikiri

    Mandikiri New Member

    Well as most of you know the queue on this game can be a real pain. Especially for DPS, well I was wondering if anyone with a class level 30 (trying to get my BLM to 50) would like to form a small group to run dungeons to get to 50 together.

    Do let me know if anyone is interested.

    My character's name is Sachiko Mori

  2. Robyn Hood

    Robyn Hood New Member

    HI! My name is Robyn Hood(well gamewise :p) but i have a small free company and myself and two others in the group actually are doing the same thing so if you still wanted some help or are looking to level another class send me a tell in game and we would be happy to have u with us!

    Robyn Hood Champion of Pokemon League FC

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