Limit breaks, how do they work?

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    As a Conjuror/WhiteMage/Archer, I rarely need to use them and though people seem to give me priority to use it for panic heals, I'd often just tell the DPSers to 'Make it rain fire.' So though I've used it a few times, I still don't really understand the mechanics behind it.

    Do you get to choose how many bars you want to use, or does it just use however much you have?

    Are the animations the same for all 3 levels?

    I mostly use the level 1 LBs, if at all, and by then it was too panicky for anyone to really sit back and enjoy the flashy lights.

    I have used the level 1 LB as a pugilist while in FATE PT with friends, fancy, I like.

    Is there anything in-game that tells you what kind of LB you have?
    The tooltip over the LB button doesn't really describe much.

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    The following is from and all credit goes to original author Osama Zahid


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  4. Cresscendo

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    When do we use the Healing LB?
    I used it once in Norm. Ifrit and that's it.
    Pretty much all is useless unless it's DPS. :/ Was excited for LB but they are quite lackluster.

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  5. Grembo

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    Hey, at least yours is better than mine :p

    Healer lv 3 is to prevent a wipe, DPS one is to kill s**t fast.

  6. Gossamer Isto

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    Healer Level 3 comes with a Battle Resurrect for your entire group. Used it plenty as a Bard to save us from certain doom.

  7. Heras Death

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    You will need it plenty when you face primal hard mode, your Lv3 LB WHM will come in so handy it will make or break the fight.:)

  8. Mtzgr

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    While its pretty awesome to see everyone resurrect with full health and mana, L3 Healer limit is pretty useless in any kind of fight with constant mechanics and where damage is coming hard and fast. Not only does everyone res with 15% less health, after casting it you (the healer/bard) are unable to move/cast while you're on your knees praying to Square-Enix to remove the stupid 10 second animation lock. It's an awesome limit, but your group generally wipes right after casting it.

    Of course there are times when you can pop it and everybody is alive and you kill the boss and it feels awesome, but it's typically only on the more moderate content (Castrum/Praetorium/Ifrit/Garuda). IMO L2 is a lot better as it heals for a decent amount without the long immobilization. You can save the day, but better to just DPS limit and leave people on the ground.

  9. Jasper

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    Yeah, I must agree. =( First time I experienced limit breaks was during the Ifrit fight, and I didn't even realize anyone had used the damn thing. lol I was all: "That... that's it??" xD

    I was also hoping for solo limit breaks. Obviously they'd be nurfed, and prolly only get to use them once in a blue moon, but I still wants it. I want my sparkles and lights and flips and stuff! D=

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