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    Looking For Role-Playing Link Shell!

    I'm interested in role-playing; I have very little experience with it, but I do have an outline for my character's story and personality** that I'd love to act out with like-minded players. I currently have an FC that I don't intend on leaving, so a linkshell will have to suffice.

    If there are any such LS's in Diabolos who are interested in introducing a newbie to the RP world, please reply or send me a message here or in-game!

    Thanks! [​IMG]


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    A RP linkshell is a great idea! Especially since a lot of people are probably already tied up in FCs like yourself (I'm also in a FC too) but ack my character is in a different world! :/

    But I really enjoyed reading your character's profile and background they are most excellent and I hope you get the chance to RP and continue to expand your character's story. :)

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