Free Company LF new Bees to join The HIVE :D

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    BEEHIVE <HIVE> of NA Leviathan is a Maelstrom Free Company that is looking for a few more like minded players to welcome into our roster of busy bees!

    We aim to create a positive atmosphere for players who are interested in raiding and end game content where we are able to clear content together and make friendships that last.

    Having been founded by a small group of raiders we're on the lookout for players who would like to raid alongside us, preferably in a more hardcore direction.

    Casual players are also more than welcome to join our Hive, as we are happy to accept returning, vets or even new players! As long as you are able to remain fairly active, friendly and positive, you will always have a Hive to call home :)

    However, even though we haven't got a house at the moment, we're well on our way to getting a large House .. our uh, Hive! .. for our little bees, so you can look forward to getting together in a beautifully decorated home in the near future! A Discord server is also available for all members.

    If we sound like we might be your slice of honey comb, please feel free to message me! Yacca#9036

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