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  1. domainfitz

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    I'm a lvl 22 LTW and the only leves i can find is level 10 leves at bentbranch meadows. How do i get higher level leves? Even my battle leves are only lv 15.
  2. ChrisWhang

    ChrisWhang New Member

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    Go to other areas. Most cities have an npc that's marked with an exclamation mark that offer more leves after you first do a quest.
  3. The47thSen

    The47thSen Well Known Member

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    Quarrymill in the south shroud has level 25 leves.
    The one in the east shroud, what's it called? Han's? has level 20 leves if I remember right. Of course, you have to first open them up with your main battle class.
  4. Karamethien

    Karamethien Active Member

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    Nine levies or something, I think it has 20 and 25.

    Camp Tranquil should have the 30s.
  5. nz_chic

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    Regardless of what level I am I always select to do all leves. As if I give back a HQ I get bonus.
  6. domainfitz

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    ok. i found the one in quarrymill. that'll work for a while. I seen other npc's around and alot of times i don't see quests for tradecrafts. Thanks though. now i can get 10k exp and 17k exp for hq instead of 4k and 8k lol.

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